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Laura Way

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Trail, Trick, Gentle, Hunting, Ranch, Child Safe


Gorgeous and Golden! Dolly is a beautiful, 7-year-old, dark golden palomino mare mule standing 14.2 hands with a friendly personality and the kindest eye you’ve ever seen. She is the complete package! Safe, gentle, smart, smooth, and sweet!

Dolly is an experienced and finished trail and ranch mule! We purchased Dolly from the gentleman that raised her and she has been in our training program for over a year now. Dolly has excelled in all aspects of her training. She has been used extensively as a trail and family mule that has also gathered cattle, pasture roped, and ranch roped calves. She will go any direction you point her and follow a cow anywhere, even right out in the middle of a pond if she must. Dolly is very laid back but quick on her feet, very sure footed and can move around like a cat in rough mountain country. She travels confidently through down timber, rocks, water, and steep terrain. Dolly takes her time when ever in a tight spot and never gets worked up or spooks in any situation. She is happy to lead the pack out on the trail and very content to bring up the rear. She has been ridden all over the country by men, women, and children. She is even okay with multiple children on her at one time, crawling all over and under her like a jungle gym. Dolly is good with water, bridges, gunfire, dogs, wildlife, traffic, bullwhips, and gets along good with other horses.

Dolly is highly trained with a nice handle and a show quality smooth soft trot and collected canter. Dolly is very responsive to both hand and leg cues. She will side pass, neck rein, stop, and back up easily. Dolly has extensive training in basic groundwork, picking up her shoulders and moving off your legs. She has an incredibly smooth lope and will pick up both leads on cue from a stand still. Dolly is super light in the bridle and will move around like a well-rounded Quarter Horse.

Dolly knows a few tricks to add to her already impeccable resume! She will lay down on command, sit like a dog, side pass up to mounting block, rides bareback and has the potential for a show jumping mule! Let’s no forget how much Dolly loves children and treats! She is so good for kids climbing on and off her constantly and takes treats gently from their hands. They can run in front, behind, or under her and she will watch them and be so careful not to hurt them. Dolly truly is the sweetest and gentlest mule you could ask for.

Not only is Dolly awesome in the saddle, but she is also just as great on the ground with excellent ground manners. She is easy to catch, loads in the trailer on her own, backs out and is quiet while hauling. She is quiet in the barn and the stall. She does not act like your typical mule in the barn!!!! She is quiet at feeding time and does not paw uncontrollably when being fed or tied. She gets along good with other horses in the pasture. She stands perfectly still for mounting and dismounting, always! She stands quietly without being tied for saddling, takes the bridle gently, and is never ear shy. She is good with hobbles and stands quietly for the farrier, bathing, grooming, and clipping. Dolly is good for the veterinarian and stands perfect for examinations. Dolly even stands still when she is given her vaccinations, which is rare and hard to find a mule that doesn’t mind shots.

Although Dolly has extensive training and will perform whenever you call on her, Dolly is also just as happy to casually walk down the trail slowly. Dolly is consistent and reliable. She is honest as a day is long, super kind, and always gentle even with time off. She will be the same out riding by herself, around the barn, or in a large group of horses. Whether you are looking for a safe mule for the children and pony parties, a hard-core mountain mule for packing and hunting, a legit ranch mule to tend cattle, or a steady and honest trail mule that will take care of you all day long… Dolly is your girl! She is a beautiful, loving, and a gentle mule the whole family will enjoy for years to come!

W2 Horses has two locations, Pavo, Georgia and our summer camp – 1 hour outside of Walden, CO in the mountains. Dolly will be located near Walden, CO for the duration of the auction. Once auction has ended, buyer will have the option for us to aid in transportation back East, if needed. We will be leaving heading back East within a few days of the auction ending. If the buyer would like to use a transporter from Walden to new destination, we ask that you have transportation arrangements in place before the end of the auction. Currently location is very remote and cellular service is limited. When calling for any more information, please leave message with contact information if we may miss your call.

We request buyer be PayPal or Venmo accessible to place a $2000 deposit immediately following the end of the auction. We also request the remaining balance to be wire transferred before the close of the following business day. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to pairing you with the horse of a lifetime.

Laura Way
Pavo, GA 31778

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