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Fort Collins, CO







Ranch, Play days, Trails, Packs, Drives


Dollar is safe at anything you ever could desire to do on a mule. She’s in your pocket and sweet as they come. Catch her anywhere, as she will follow you around like a puppy. She’s amazing out on the trails, fearless. She’s great around traffic, bicycles, strollers, joggers, wildlife, loud noises, and trains. She is amazing on the ranch, ropes both ends to drag calves, and is good with dogs and bullwhips gathering cattle. She is equally amazing at packing. She drives singles or doubles. She’s great to tack up and unload as one should. You can load her any way you want, as seen in the video riding her into the trailer. She’s good for the farrier, barefoot in all videos. She will cross any river stream or puddle you point her at. She’s very sure-footed even on the ice and snow. This Molly doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, safe for a complete beginner. As seen in the video completely bomb-proof, shooting a live gun off of her and running a bullwhip at the same time. Carrying a tarp,  running a bullwhip, Crawling under her, and lifting, she takes a step and stands . She does great in the pasture or paddocks with others. She’s simply one in a million. You do not have to be a mule person to handle her. She is the most respectful mule I’ve ever seen. She hauls well on the road, eating and drinking. Hobbles and high lines overnights. She has been in every terrain from the east, west, north, and south. She’s been hunted off of, packed out carcasses, capes, antlers, salt blocks, and wall tents. She’s fun for the entire family is safe, and is ready to do serious work on the ranch. We look forward to talking to you and meeting you. We offer to ship anywhere in the USA and internationally. Payment is expected the next business day by noon. Please call or text. Our voicemail gets full quickly. We will return your call. We would like to thank you in advance from



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Auction expired without reaching reserve price

Highest bidder was: Deer Fields

Name Time Offer Auto
Deer Fields 02/19/2023 9:17 am $10,000.00 Auto
Dorothy Endy 02/19/2023 9:17 am $9,800.00
Deer Fields 02/19/2023 8:34 am $9,600.00 Auto
Dorothy Endy 02/19/2023 8:34 am $9,400.00
Deer Fields 02/19/2023 8:04 am $9,200.00 Auto
Dorothy Endy 02/19/2023 8:04 am $9,000.00
Deer Fields 02/19/2023 7:59 am $8,600.00 Auto
Dorothy Endy 02/19/2023 7:59 am $8,400.00
Deer Fields 02/19/2023 7:58 am $8,200.00 Auto
Dorothy Endy 02/19/2023 7:58 am $8,000.00
Deer Fields 02/19/2023 7:55 am $7,400.00
brad.benson 02/13/2023 6:02 am $7,200.00
Albertz 02/13/2023 6:02 am $7,000.00 Auto
Albertz 02/12/2023 3:00 am $6,700.00
brad.benson 02/12/2023 3:00 am $6,500.00 Auto
brad.benson 02/09/2023 7:50 am $6,400.00
Spencer arnett 02/09/2023 3:52 am $6,200.00
brad.benson 02/09/2023 3:52 am $6,000.00 Auto
brad.benson 02/09/2023 3:50 am $5,800.00 Auto
Spencer arnett 02/09/2023 3:50 am $5,600.00
brad.benson 02/09/2023 3:49 am $5,400.00 Auto
Spencer arnett 02/09/2023 3:49 am $5,200.00
brad.benson 02/06/2023 8:54 am $5,000.00
Sale Started 02/05/2023 5:20 pm
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