DMF’S Black Pearl

Adrina Siefert
Fincastle, Virginia 24090


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Horse Details

Rocky Mountain Horse

Adrina Siefert

Fincastle, VA








Trail, gaited


If you are looking for your next forever best friend here, she is! Black beauty in Rocky Mountain Horse form, Pearl is a 3-year-old solid black RMHA registered and certified mare with NO white markings. She stands 14.2 hands with a long, thick mane and tail. Pearl is a friendly, in-your-pocket type of horse that is the first to greet you in the field. She was lightly started in the fall and more recently has been trail-ridden at Mount Rogers, VA, and Blowing Rock, NC, among other trails locally. Pearl has a very smooth, relaxed 4 beat gait, loads in the trailer, bathes, stands for the farrier, and stands for mounting/dismounting. Pearl has been taught to sidepass to a fence or a log for mounting with ease on the trail. She’s easy-going, level-headed, and has a sweet personality. Pearl is perfectly happy just walking along all day but will move into a faster gait when asked. She’s been around a rope, hula hoops, wild ponies, Longhorns, crowds of people, dogs, and kids and handled it all in stride. She would be best with a rider experienced with younger horses because she still has a lot to learn, but Pearl has been nothing but a joy for us to have. Her potential is endless; show, trail, she could do it all! So don’t miss out on this forever beauty!

Winning Offer: $9,261.00

Adrina Siefert
Fincastle, Virginia 24090

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muuebb 06/20/2021 12:55 pm $9,261.00
UKDude 06/20/2021 12:37 pm $9,061.00
muuebb 06/20/2021 12:34 pm $8,861.00
UKDude 06/20/2021 12:34 pm $8,840.00 Auto
UKDude 06/20/2021 6:12 am $8,201.00
muuebb 06/20/2021 4:46 am $8,001.00
UKDude 06/20/2021 4:46 am $7,860.00 Auto
UKDude 06/20/2021 4:44 am $7,701.00 Auto
muuebb 06/20/2021 4:44 am $7,501.00
UKDude 06/20/2021 4:42 am $7,300.00 Auto
muuebb 06/20/2021 4:42 am $7,100.00
UKDude 06/20/2021 4:42 am $6,701.00 Auto
muuebb 06/20/2021 4:42 am $6,501.00
UKDude 06/20/2021 4:41 am $6,300.00 Auto
muuebb 06/20/2021 4:41 am $6,100.00
UKDude 06/18/2021 1:53 pm $5,301.00
muuebb 06/18/2021 1:53 pm $5,101.00 Auto
muuebb 06/18/2021 12:29 pm $4,700.00
UKDude 06/17/2021 10:32 pm $4,500.00
Sale Started 06/06/2021 7:11 pm

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