Diamond’s Lucky Boy

Trevor Herd
Somerset, KY 42503


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Horse Details

Kentucky Natural Gaited Horse Association

Trevor Herd

Somerset, KY







Star; Snip; LH Sock; RF Sock

Gaited, Trail


This is Diamond’s Lucky Boy. Lucky Boy is a four-year-old Palamino gelding, bred and raised by me personally. As you will see on his pedigree, he is a full third-generation horse with KNGHA. PP stands for parent proven with KNGHA; the rest of his bloodline is the Tennessee Walking Horse Association. I have been working with Lucky Boy since the day he was born. Lucky Boy has been a fun family horse, but owning a gelding doesn’t fit the profile as we further our breeding with the association. Lucky Boy will make someone a great family horse to enjoy the pleasures of for years to come!

My Training is in the John Lyons methods, using pressure and release methods. The way that I have trained Lucky Boy started off in the round pen. I use the round pen first to teach basic commands. To move away from me when asked, to stand still when asked. I also use the round pen to familiarize the horse with the saddle blanket, saddle, bit, flags, tarps, barrels, logs, loud noises, and putting shoes on him. The reason I use the round pen is so that I can have complete control of the horse without physically holding/forcing the horse. This way, with time and patience, the horse submits to me and my commands. Giving me its full attention.

Once Lucky Boy graduated the round pen, I began riding him on the trails and taking him camping. He does great with other horses and doesn’t get spooked. Lucky Boy is sure-footed and willing to take you wherever you direct him. He is great with kids, as you will see in the video. When I bred for Lucky Boy, I was breeding for the dark Palamino that he is. He definitely makes heads turn! Lucky Boy will make someone a great family horse that will stand out in the crowd.

Please feel free to give me a call with any questions. Thanks!

Winning Offer: $5,000.00

Trevor Herd
Somerset, KY 42503

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Tom 04/24/2023 1:54 pm $5,000.00
KMSHLover 04/24/2023 1:54 pm $4,800.00 Auto
KMSHLover 04/24/2023 1:11 pm $4,700.00
Tom 04/24/2023 1:11 pm $4,500.00 Auto
Tom 04/24/2023 12:55 pm $4,100.00
paulandginnie32 04/24/2023 12:55 pm $3,900.00 Auto
paulandginnie32 04/24/2023 9:37 am $3,700.00
Tom 04/22/2023 2:51 pm $3,500.00
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