Dakota Danger (Kota)


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Horse Details

Tennessee Walking Horse

McKee, KY







Dapples, Frosted Mane/Tail, Star, Hind Stocking

Rides & Drives, Trail, Show Experience, Cattle Working, Gunfire, Ridden Bridleless,


Dakota Danger, aka ”Kota,” is a stout-built 15.2 hands tall dapple buckskin registered Tennessee Walking Horse gelding born March 27, 2017. Kota has the complete pleasure horse package. You can trail ride him Saturday morning and take him to town Saturday night, placing first place at the horse show. Kota has also been trained to work in a wagon! The options with Kota are endless; he has been started right and is young enough always to learn more with a more than willing attitude!

Don’t let his registered name fool you; Kota is the most affectionate horse we have enjoyed, with the traditional in-your-pocket attitude with excellent ground manners; he loves attention from his human friends! Kota will meet you at the gate out to the pasture; the same goes for in the barn. When you open his door, he’s there greeting you.

Dakota has spent most of his life trail riding in The Big South Fork area of Tennessee, he has been on several overnight camping trips where he has seen just about everything imaginable from campfires, covered wagons, and wildlife jumping out of the brush, dogs coming from different directions, hikers, etc. If you are looking for a SOLID true trail horse that can pick his way through the roughest of terrain, staying sure-footed going wherever you point his head without any hesitation, Kota will make you a great fit! Kota is not the type of horse always on edge, just looking for something to spook or be nervous about; he’s more on the laid-back side. With his age, I couldn’t be confident enough to recommend him as safe for a novice rider, but with more experience and age, I would like to consider Kota, the perfect candidate!

Kota has a smooth, controllable gait; he will easily transition between gaits and will go whatever speed you ask, from a slow flat-foot walk to an easy-going, enjoyable gait with a gentle nudge or “smooch” Kota will back up easily and stops instantly. Kota also has a gentle canter that can immediately go into a flat walk. Kota has a head-shaking gait that will place you first in all the horse shows!

Kota has been used around the farm to work cattle, and I believe this is his true calling in life. He enjoys working with cattle more than anything. He also has worked alongside tractors and other farm equipment. Since we have had the pleasure of working with Kota, we have introduced him to several new things like carrying the flag, shooting from his back, mounting from mounting blocks, riding alongside main highways with heavy traffic, and even flapping tarps; around him! Kota takes to everything new so easily and willing he doesn’t have a stubborn bone in his body.
He will stand to be mounted, however long it takes. Kota is a horse that has patience, no stepping around or twisting, and always wants to go.
We have personally trail-ridden Dakota several miles in trails by himself or with a group of friends. He does great & acts the same with either crossing downed trees cut up, water, ditches, or the steep rocky terrains that we have here in Southeastern Kentucky takes his time with every step, completely trusting the rider to guide the way! He has been ridden along the country roads around our home. He has encountered farm equipment, other livestock running alongside the road(cows, horses, goats jumping around), dogs running out barking, loud vehicles passing, and ATVs. Well behaved getting a haircut, taking baths, tacking up, loading & unloading in a trailer, being shod (has four new kegs all around).
We spend time with our horses training them with natural horsemanship methods creating a human-animal relationship with respect and trust from our horses!
NO bad habits/vice we have ever seen out of him no (rearing up, kicking, bucking, biting, barn weaving, cribbing, or barn/buddy sour). These types of issues with horses never make it to our program!

Call today and schedule to take this sweet boy out on a real trail ride with us; we can leave directly from our farm & go into part of the Daniel Boone National Forest trails!

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nja1960 05/31/2022 9:05 pm $8,500.00 Auto
nja1960 05/25/2022 8:13 am $8,300.00
Comanche4ever 05/24/2022 12:52 am $8,100.00
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Comanche4ever 05/24/2022 12:51 am $7,300.00
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Comanche4ever 05/24/2022 12:50 am $6,900.00
nja1960 05/23/2022 6:19 pm $6,700.00
jedmis53 05/23/2022 6:19 pm $6,500.00 Auto
jedmis53 05/23/2022 6:18 pm $6,200.00 Auto
nja1960 05/23/2022 6:18 pm $6,000.00
jedmis53 05/23/2022 6:18 pm $5,500.00 Auto
nja1960 05/23/2022 6:18 pm $5,300.00
jedmis53 05/23/2022 4:56 pm $5,100.00
nja1960 05/23/2022 8:49 am $4,900.00
Comanche4ever 05/23/2022 8:19 am $4,700.00
GEPoole 05/23/2022 5:42 am $4,500.00
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