Curious George

Thea Bekkedahl
Fort Collins, CO 80524


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Horse Details

Bashkir Curly Warmblood X

Thea Bekkedahl

Fort Collins, CO


Sorrel Paint




Bald face, Blue eyes, LH high sock, White right belly, RF high sock

Roping, Trail riding, Mountain, Jumping, Packing, Ranching, Kid safe, Lesson horse



Who wants a horse that can catch cows on Friday? Win a jumping show on Saturday? Then your kiddos can trail ride on Sunday? Well, here he is!!!
Curious George is a 16.2-hand eight-year-old extremely rare Bashkir curly/ Warmblood X!!!. American Bashkir curly horses (curly horse for short) are the only breed that is hypoallergenic! They’re known for getting long curly coats in the winter and keeping their curly manes, tails, and fetlocks year around!
George has a long resume in helping out on the ranch! He has checked fences, pushed cows, chased cows, and been roped off of!
George is 100% road and trail safe! Rides well with other horses and has been extensively ridden by himself as well! You can also pony off of him, and he gets along with just about every other horse in the pasture!
George has a wonderful woah. He is light in the bridle and extremely responsive to leg cues. George will side pass, back, and turn on a dime with incredible rollbacks!
He shows up for work on time and takes his job VERY seriously but also has a very loving and goofy personality!
George has packed around plenty of kids, taught kids lessons, and cared for the elderly. He is truly safe for all ages and experience levels!
For a big horse, George is athletic and extremely fancy moving!
Jumping 2”6 with little work and ready to go higher! He is also fancy enough with the speed to be an incredible dressage horse or fox hunter! This year especially, we have used George for packing up into the mountains and picking our way through tough terrain and lots of miles. He’s very sure-footed!
George has been around the block for his age and is ready to take on any challenge you put in front of him! Watch his video and come try him out!

Thea Bekkedahl
Fort Collins, CO 80524

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