Melissa Kepler
Berthoud, CO



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Paint Horse

Melissa Kepler

Berthoud, CO


Bay/White Paint




Blaze, Four Stockings

Trail, Western, kid horse, cattle horse, working ranch, backyard pet, best buddy


Cupid is a drop-dead gorgeous Paint gelding being offered for sale on  Cupid is nine years old and sells grade. This stunning tobiano stands between 14.2 and 14.3 hands and is built like a brick house. With tons of leg and bone, perfect straight conformation, and a wide square stance, Cupid is built to last and can carry any load. He’s gentle enough for a little kid but stocky enough for a big adult, and you can get on and off without tearing your pants or needing to find a stump. He’s got a big round hip, a gentle eye, and a mane and tail to die for. You won’t find one any prettier than Cupid. He is sound and sane and an easy keeper. He gets along well in a herd, stays bulked-up on just grass hay, and has a new set of shoes on four strong feet. He is UTD on his shots and wormer and has a new negative Coggins test on file.

Cupid is a trail horse extraordinaire. He is steady and sure-footed in even the toughest terrain. He crosses bridges, and water and ground ties nicely. He will hang out next to you without being tied all afternoon while you nap in a sunny meadow. He rides out well alone or in a group and is happy to lead or follow (happier to follow). His pace is steady, and he never gets antsy if the others ride out ahead. He doesn’t jig on the way home and is safe around hikers, bikes, dogs, wildlife, and traffic – even big trucks. He came off a working cattle ranch, and we’re told he’s handy at brandings and moving cattle, but we’ve never used him this way. He’s got more whoa than go, but can step out if you ask him. He neck-reins, moves well off leg pressure, and picks up the lope without argument. He is definitely more “cowboy broke” than “fancy broke,” so he might not always pick up the correct lead in an arena, and I don’t think he knows how to side pass on command, but he backs up nicely and always tries his hardest to do what you ask. And best of all, his jog and canter are about the smoothest you’ll ever ride.

On the ground, Cupid is quiet and calm. He doesn’t spook at chickens (even when my kids put a flapping one on his back), goats, tarps, flags, trampolines, thunder, or any of the chaos my kids have subjected him to in our backyard. He’s sweet and friendly, easy to catch, and loves attention and being loved on. We’ve found he sometimes lacks some of the finer ground manners. Along with what I said earlier about him being “cowboy broke,” I don’t think anyone ever taught him some of the things we all want from horses on the ground, but he’s never mean. He doesn’t bite or kick or lose his mind; you’ll find he’s sometimes in your space when you’re trying to clean the stall, and he can be a little stubborn with the groundwork. He will let me pick all four hooves without any fuss but might stand like a concrete statue with his feet planted when the kids try it. He doesn’t get prance-y or kick or anything; he just gets stubborn. He’s a perfect gentleman for the vet and allows having his teeth inspected or blood drawn. He’ll ground tie for hours, but a couple of times, he’s pulled back when tied to a rail (when the rope gave, he calmly walked up to us to see what we were doing). He’s never been dangerous or crazy; he just could use a little work on the ground to be the world’s most perfect family horse.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions about Cupid, or to set up a time to come out and meet him! I just know you’ll fall in love.




Melissa Kepler
Berthoud, CO



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lizlouise435 08/21/2022 11:45 am $7,200.00
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lizlouise435 08/21/2022 11:44 am $6,900.00
brad.benson 08/09/2022 7:30 am $6,700.00
fjoiner1128 08/09/2022 7:30 am $6,500.00 Auto
fjoiner1128 08/08/2022 5:05 pm $6,100.00
brad.benson 08/08/2022 5:05 pm $6,000.00 Auto
brad.benson 08/08/2022 5:04 pm $5,700.00 Auto
fjoiner1128 08/08/2022 5:04 pm $5,500.00
brad.benson 08/08/2022 3:35 pm $4,300.00
fjoiner1128 08/08/2022 3:35 pm $4,100.00 Auto
fjoiner1128 08/08/2022 12:18 pm $4,000.00
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