Trevor Patrick
Parker’s Lake, KY 42634


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Horse Details

Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse

Trevor Patrick

Parker’s Lake, KY






White Hind Cornet Bands

Gaited, Trail Riding


Everyone meet Crow! Crow is a black Kentucky Mountain gelding standing at 15/1 hands high and a broke dude! Crow has been a trail horse for most of his life and knows the woods better than most! Crow was previously owned by a 65-year-old gentleman who did nothing but trail ride back in the deep hollers of Kentucky! Crow has been trail ridden all over Virginia and Tennessee and has been to the Knott county trail ride, where he has seen 5000 horses, wagons, fire trucks, etc… Crow stands to mount and walks off on a loose rein like he is supposed to! We can’t forget to mention how good-gaited this gelding is! He has a smooth running walk and can kick it up a notch and burn the blacktop up with that awesome smooth four-beat gait! Crow is 100% traffic safe. He has seen semis, tractors, farm machinery, the whole nine yards! When trail riding, deer, turkeys, and birds flying from the ground do not spook or bother Crow! If you are in the market for a big and stout standup gelding! Look no more! Crow is your guy!

Winning Offer: $6,500.00

Trevor Patrick
Parker’s Lake, KY 42634

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Item condition: New

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Highest bidder was: cparharris

Name Time Offer Auto
cparharris 10/02/2022 8:08 am $6,500.00 Auto
cparharris 10/02/2022 8:00 am $6,200.00 Auto
HorseParadise 10/02/2022 8:00 am $6,000.00
cparharris 10/02/2022 7:59 am $5,700.00 Auto
HorseParadise 10/02/2022 7:59 am $5,500.00
cparharris 10/02/2022 7:58 am $5,200.00 Auto
HorseParadise 10/02/2022 7:58 am $5,000.00
cparharris 10/02/2022 7:55 am $4,300.00
Cindy1967 09/30/2022 4:40 pm $4,100.00
matt.trapp10 09/28/2022 6:48 pm $3,900.00
[email protected] 09/27/2022 12:58 pm $3,700.00
Belinda Finn 09/27/2022 12:58 pm $3,600.00 Auto
Belinda Finn 09/18/2022 8:18 pm $3,500.00
Sale Started 09/18/2022 7:20 pm

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