Copper’s Golden Lady

Suzie Mattern
New Bloomfield, MO 65063


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Horse Details

Missouri Foxtrotter

Suzie Mattern

New Bloomfield, MO








Trail riding, obstacles, versatility potential, ranch potential, broodmare potential


Copper’s Golden Lady (Penny)
Penny is a beautiful, 8-year-old palomino blue-papered registered Missouri Foxtrotter foaled in 2013 with excellent conformation, a kind eye, with an inquisitive, playful personality. Height is 14.2 hands. She is smart, well-rounded, and very actively fit, and ready to ride today.

See all the videos! Over 45 minutes of information documented!

This has been my main horse for the past six years, and I ride year-round as often as possible. Penny and I also travel together on camping trips 12-15 times per year and ride over 300 trail miles every year. She is sure-footed, tough, and has carried me safely through many trail conditions. We normally ride 3-5+ hours at a time, so she’s used to working hard.

This mare is going to make someone a wonderful horse! She is amazing on trails – rides first, middle or last in a group. She’s traveled a lot and settles in at camp easily. Penny has seen many obstacles, and I’ve done several clinics with her, even an introduction to mounted shooting. She’d be a perfect trail partner, versatility horse, ranch horse, or even a valuable addition to your breeding program (she has never been bred).

With impeccable ground manners, Penny is very respectful of her handler. She has a one-handed neck rein, side-passes, opens gates, and picks you up at the mounting block.

She trailers like a dream – no pawing, pulling, or nonsense. She’ll stand tied all day and is quiet for saddling and bridling.

Well-behaved for the farrier, Penny wears only front shoes and has had her hooves trimmed every six weeks since age two. She is completely sound and has strong, healthy hooves.

She will ride out alone with no fuss and also travels alone without complaining. She pastures alone or with other horses.

Penny’s pedigree includes lots of color and goes back to World Grand Champion Rex’s Golden Touch.

Gaits – she has a slow walk, flat foot walk, foxtrot, and even a great rocking chair canter! See the Gaits video.

Current on vaccinations and Coggins. Her complete veterinary record is included here. She’s never been sick or lame.

Terms of sale – cash or bank wire transfer payment within 7 business days (this allows for faster delivery or pick up). Penny won’t leave the farm until payment in full is verified. Delivery may be available for a mileage fee – we can discuss after the auction closes.

Winning Offer: $10,100.00

Suzie Mattern
New Bloomfield, MO 65063

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Item condition: New

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Highest bidder was: jack rabbet

Name Time Offer Auto
jack rabbet 12/05/2021 9:52 am $10,100.00 Auto
elizabethkarma 12/05/2021 9:52 am $9,900.00
jack rabbet 12/05/2021 9:49 am $9,700.00 Auto
elizabethkarma 12/05/2021 9:49 am $9,500.00
jack rabbet 12/05/2021 9:48 am $9,200.00
elizabethkarma 12/05/2021 9:48 am $9,000.00 Auto
elizabethkarma 12/05/2021 8:49 am $8,800.00
jack rabbet 12/05/2021 8:49 am $8,750.00 Auto
jack rabbet 12/05/2021 8:32 am $8,600.00 Auto
elizabethkarma 12/05/2021 8:32 am $8,400.00
jack rabbet 12/05/2021 8:28 am $8,200.00
elizabethkarma 12/05/2021 8:28 am $8,000.00 Auto
elizabethkarma 12/05/2021 8:05 am $7,200.00 Auto
JO50 12/05/2021 8:05 am $7,000.00
elizabethkarma 12/05/2021 8:03 am $6,600.00 Auto
JO50 12/05/2021 8:03 am $6,400.00
elizabethkarma 12/05/2021 7:38 am $6,200.00 Auto
Apriljones1119 12/05/2021 7:38 am $6,000.00
elizabethkarma 12/04/2021 1:37 pm $5,500.00
JO50 12/01/2021 11:28 am $5,300.00
Rena Triano 11/30/2021 12:08 pm $5,100.00
JO50 11/30/2021 12:08 pm $5,000.00 Auto
JO50 11/26/2021 7:52 am $4,900.00
relomkin 11/26/2021 7:51 am $4,700.00 Auto
JO50 11/26/2021 7:51 am $4,600.00
relomkin 11/26/2021 5:21 am $4,200.00 Auto
JO50 11/26/2021 5:21 am $4,000.00
relomkin 11/24/2021 4:45 pm $3,700.00
flint54 11/23/2021 5:10 am $3,500.00
Sale Started 11/21/2021 7:09 pm
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