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Aaron & Dillon Hughes
(606) 875-6232/(606) 308-5734
London, Kentucky 40744


Horse Details

Spotted Saddle Horse

Rough Creek Stables

London, KY


Black Tobiano




Star; Strip; Left Hindlimb High Stocking; Right Hindlimb Stocking;

Gaited, Family Safe, Trail


Look at this guy!!!!! Comanche is an absolutely unbelievable spotted saddle horse gelding, and standing at 14.2, he is sure to please! He has a beautifully smooth 4 beat gait and can even step up into a canter! He is a very seasoned trail horse with an amazing track record. He has babysat our kids all summer long!
Comanche came to us through family in Tennessee, where he was trail ridden all over east Tennessee. According to our family, he’s been ridden through and over everything imaginable, and it shows in his confident demeanor.
We’ve been blessed to have Comanche since back in the Spring, and our kids have had a blast with him all summer long! We’ve personally had him in all kinds of rough terrain, steep slopes, and rough trails. We also had him in and around heavily trafficked areas like campgrounds and down several roads where he has experienced cars, trucks, dogs, ATV’s and unfamiliar people. Comanche also has no problem when it comes to crossing water, deep or shallow. He will cross logs like a champ and can handle navigating through rough terrain. He is very sure-footed and is very confident with new trails, and never ceases to amaze us at how well he handles new unexplored territory!
Comanche is also very affectionate and continues to grow on us daily. He has always been eager to please, has a very kind eye, and is easy to catch when turned out. We’ve had him in a stall for about 3 weeks now, and he already knows which stall is his and will walk right to it as soon as we turn him loose in the barn. He is an easy keeper as well.
Whoever gets this horse can expect to have that confident ready to go trail horse. He is the babysitter type and sure has taken care of our babies!
If you have any questions or would like to come to check Comanche out for yourself, feel free to call or text anytime!


For More Information Contact:
Aaron & Dillon Hughes
(606) 875-6232/(606) 308-5734
London, Kentucky 40744

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Randy11 12/06/2020 2:52 pm $5,400.00
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elizabethkarma 12/02/2020 9:05 pm $4,900.00
rvan 12/02/2020 6:52 pm $4,700.00 Auto
elizabethkarma 12/02/2020 6:52 pm $4,500.00
rvan 12/02/2020 4:31 pm $4,300.00
elizabethkarma 11/29/2020 3:25 pm $4,100.00
Mar6 11/29/2020 12:59 pm $3,900.00
elizabethkarma 11/29/2020 12:59 pm $3,700.00 Auto
elizabethkarma 11/23/2020 5:59 pm $3,500.00
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