Thea Bekkedahl/Trysten Park
Fort Collins, Co 80524


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Trysten Park/ Thea Bekkedahl

Fort Collins, CO






Star and faint partial stripe, Flaxen main and tail

Kids pony, Trail safe, Mountain riding, Flag work, Birthday parties, Parade pony



Coffee is a fantastic little pony with an amazing personality that goes along with him, he has been on many trail rides into town with the kiddos, and we’ve even ponied him up into the mountains to pack around and camp with us!!
Coffee has had almost everything thrown at him, from pool toys to carrying a flag around the arena, walking over tarps, and having kids climb over him. It doesn’t get much sweeter or more tolerant than this guy! He’s been to parks and playgrounds, and my siblings have even played with him in the house and dressed him up… lol! Coffee loves all the attention he gets! This pony will put up with every oddball thing you have. He picks up all of his feet, is very easy to handle, saddles well, bridles well, is easy to catch, and loads like a dream; we’ve even had him ride in the tack room!
Coffee gets along with every other horse and even lived with our pony stud without a fight! He also gets along with our draft gelding and our mates; he’s seen chickens, emus, goats, pigs, cows, etc.
This pony is a get-on-and-go type of guy! We’ve had just about all ages on him, from toddlers till they don’t fit on him anymore! He’ll make a great addition to any home, whether it’s a companion for other animals or your kiddos!
Coffee doesn’t get any cuter; come see him today and check out his adorable video!

Winning Offer: $2,600.00

Thea Bekkedahl/Trysten Park
Fort Collins, Co 80524

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Poquerville 08/29/2023 2:32 pm $2,600.00
Dhorse620 08/29/2023 2:32 pm $2,500.00 Auto
Dhorse620 08/29/2023 2:26 pm $2,400.00 Auto
Poquerville 08/29/2023 2:26 pm $2,200.00
Dhorse620 08/29/2023 1:46 pm $2,000.00
Sale Started 08/16/2023 8:21 pm

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