Chocolate Thunder

Lloyd Deaton
McKee, Kentucky 40447


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Rocky Mountain

Valley Mist Stables

McKee Kentucky


Chocolate W/Flaxen Mane & Tail




Flaxen Mane Tail, Star & Snip

Extreme Trail Riding, Field Trial, Parade, Fun Shows, Flashy Smooth Gaited, Neck Rein, Natural Horsemanship Training,


Meet Thunder, as we like to call him at the barn or Chocolate Thunder in the show ring, six-year-old Dark Chocolate with a flaxen mane & tail gelding standing right at 15 hands tall. Thunder has extensive experience as being a truly outstanding trail horse with many miles. He is absolutely 100% sure-footed, packing his way through new trails being made, Rocky steep terrain, scooting down steep banks, crossing water,& crossing logs. Thunder doesn’t mind dogs running out barking, jumping & growling under his legs from all directions, or even gunfire from all around. I firmly believe Thunder’s calling in life is to be a field trial horse, and he has all the potential to succeed! Thunder has a lot of show experience from his previous owner. Unfortunately, his former owner passed away this past year. The family contacted us knowing we would find Thunder a forever home; I will attach some photos of the previous owner & Thunder in the show ring together.

Thunder has a naturally smooth four-beat gait that can easily be handled in all gears and can ride all day long with no hesitation. He has a flashy way of going with the best confirmation. Thunder has been professionally trained. He will slow canter, lope, one hand neck reins, stop instantly, back up, can be RIDDEN BRIDLELESS & bareback. Thunder has experience carrying the flag; four-wheelers trail riding with him, gunfire, heavy traffic & farm equipment passing him. Thunder will stand to be mounted from whatever you want to mount him from & stand for however long it takes you to get in the seat. In the video, I show that he doesn’t mind even if you have to drag your leg across his back to mount. Thunder can be handled with a soft hand and listens to all voice commands; with a simple “Woah,” he will stop smoothly and wait however long you like, no prancing or pawing around wanting to go. Thunder has been hauled through several states to camp with us. He doesn’t mind loading & unloading in a slant load trailer with a ramp; he will back out easily. Thunder has the absolute best horse personality and loves his human friends’ attention. If he sees you out in the pasture with a whole herd of horses, he will always leave them to come to meet you. If you ride him every day & turn him back out to pasture, he will always come to meet you. The same goes in the barn; you open his stall door, he will meet you & pretty much put his head in the halter. He honestly has the typical Rocky Mountain attitude of a natural sweetheart. Thunder has been trail riding with us the past couple of months in different states while we vacation camping in various horse camps and trail riding, his recent trip was last week we went down to sunny Florida & he spent the week in the sandy, swamp terrain he handles great in new locations and scenery. Thunder has been trail-ridden all over Eastern Kentucky and Tennessee around Big South Fork. Thunder is genuinely a fantastic trail horse that has his entire life ahead of him with tons of experience already. He is a horse you can pull straight out of the pasture to saddle up & ride off. We have direct access to horse trails, leaving the farm we ride in. It doesn’t get too steep or rough for this fella; he will cross/go anywhere you point his head without any hesitation, crossing downed trees, water puddles. Thunder takes his time with every step, completely trusting the rider to guide the way! He has been ridden along the country roads around our home, where he has encountered farm equipment, other livestock running alongside the road(cows, horses), dogs running out barking, loud vehicles passing, ATVs. Well behaved getting a haircut, taking baths, tacking up, loading & unloading in a trailer, being shod (has four new kegs all around). Absolutely NO bad habits/vice we have ever seen out of him(rearing up, kicking, bucking, biting, barn weaving, cribbing, or barn/buddy sour)
* Call today and schedule to take this fella out on a real trail ride with us. We can leave directly from our farm & go into a part of the Daniel Boone National Forest!
We are located in Jackson County, Kentucky(McKee), just 20 minutes from I-75 Exit 41 out of London, KENTUCKY!
Call or Text anytime on our cell or email [email protected]

Need any other pictures or videos, we don’t mind getting them for you!
Shipping Notes:
Shipping can be arranged by our Shipper or within 400 miles of our farm. We can personally deliver your new trail partner for a small fee! Our horses are more than good enough to ship, but we would love for any potential buyer to come out & take our horses on a real trail ride with us here in Southeastern Kentucky!

Lloyd Deaton
McKee, Kentucky 40447

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