Cheyenne Jurny Moonlark (Cherry)



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Horse Details

Paint Horse

Fort Collins CO



Sorrel overo




Bald face, 4 socks, blue eye, paint spots

Trail horse, Pack horse, Mountain horse


“Cherry Girl” is a stunning, registered, overo paint mare with a gorgeous blue eye, white-colored mane and tail, PERFECT outline of a horse on her forehead, and floating smooth movement.
She is a forward mover and likes to cover ground on the trail, walks out well alone, and can lead or be in the middle of the pack. She is really fun to ride and never tires out.
Cherry is an exceptionally sweet mare to be around and is well-behaved.
Ties well alone for hours and loads great in a horse trailer. She gets along with all other horses in a herd setting and is lower on the totem pole, respects the fence well, and is easy to catch in her paddock. Decent with her feet and has great, solid, hard feet that don’t require shoes.
UTD on Coggins, shots, wormer, and trimming.
I would still consider Cherry green broke just because she doesn’t neck rein proficiently yet, and she needs more arena miles, but she has a solid foundation on her. No buck, bolt, rear, or kick, and she is great on the trail. My 10 and 12-year-olds have ridden her with no issues.
She is responsive, soft in the face, and has a good mind on her.
We have taken her on the trail many times, and nothing phases her like bikes, water, bridges, tunnels, etc. She doesn’t spook at all. If something is unfamiliar or comes up on her suddenly, she just looks at it, thinks, and doesn’t move or spook. There is footage in the video of motorcycles riding by her that was very loud, and she looked at it, stood quietly until it passed, and proceeded with no issues.
She knows her gaits well in the arena and does what she is asked.
If you are looking for a horse with many years of a full life, a smooth forward gait, and a loving personality, Cherry is the horse for you.



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LisaFlores 08/02/2021 12:33 pm $4,800.00
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LisaFlores 08/02/2021 10:10 am $4,400.00
Karen1969 07/27/2021 7:59 am $4,200.00
Tjwyoming 07/27/2021 7:59 am $4,000.00 Auto
Tjwyoming 07/27/2021 5:32 am $3,800.00
LisaFlores 07/23/2021 2:43 pm $3,600.00
georgiablues 07/23/2021 1:09 pm $3,400.00
LisaFlores 07/23/2021 12:00 pm $3,200.00
georgiablues 07/19/2021 5:55 pm $3,000.00
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