Dylan Cooper
Strunk, KY 42649


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Horse Details

Rocky Mountain Horse

Dylan Cooper

Strunk, KY






Two Blue Eyes

Camping, Trail riding, Lope, Show, Gaited


Everyone meet Charlie, an absolute beauty of a champagne gelding that’s four years old and standing 15.2. Charlie has been such a pleasure to work with. He has done everything we’ve asked him to do with ease. Charlie is an in-your-pocket type horse but respects your space. Charlie is easy to catch where ever you find him. Charlie has been trail ride all over multiple national parks in Kentucky, Tennessee Virginia. Charlie is traffic-safe trucks, cars, log trucks, tractors, dozers, and nothing fazes Charlie. Out on the trail, he crosses logs and creeks and has seen all the wildlife you can see on horseback. This nice gelding has had many miles on him and has his whole life ahead of him! Charlie stands to be shod bathed and clipped! Don’t miss out on this big stout beautiful young gelding.

Winning Offer: $6,951.00

Dylan Cooper
Strunk, KY 42649

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JPLin 05/16/2023 9:02 am $6,951.00
Kathaze9 05/16/2023 8:59 am $6,751.00
JPLin 05/16/2023 8:58 am $6,551.00 Auto
Kathaze9 05/16/2023 8:58 am $6,500.00
JPLin 05/16/2023 8:53 am $6,300.00 Auto
Kathaze9 05/16/2023 8:53 am $6,100.00
JPLin 05/16/2023 8:52 am $5,701.00
Kathaze9 05/16/2023 8:34 am $5,501.00
JPLin 05/16/2023 8:34 am $5,500.00 Auto
JPLin 05/15/2023 3:30 pm $4,700.00
tag3641 05/09/2023 1:51 pm $4,500.00
paulandginnie32 05/09/2023 5:58 am $4,300.00
Cowpuncher729 05/07/2023 10:48 am $4,100.00
paulandginnie32 05/07/2023 10:48 am $3,900.00 Auto
Cowpuncher729 05/07/2023 10:48 am $3,800.00
paulandginnie32 05/05/2023 9:40 am $3,500.00
Sale Started 05/03/2023 6:37 pm

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