Chances Gold Windwalker (Chance)

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Horse Details

Tenessee Walking Horse

Lockport, NY


IHWHA 2006 HC250 FH

Palomino Sabino




Blaze; Four Stockings; Lower Lip;

Professionally Trained Through Natural Horsemanship Methods, Mounted Patrol Certified


Chance’s Gold Windwalker is a 2006 model Tennessee Walking Horse gelding who is double registered with the TWHBEA and the International Heritage Walking Horse Association. He is a beautiful Palomino Sabino that sheds out dappled in the spring and is an uncommon variant of Palomino called a sooty palomino. This makes his coat contain unusual darker hairs and his mane a mix of silver and gold.
The IHWHA is devoted to the preservation of walking horses bloodlines that have not been bred for the show ring but demonstrate the natural barefoot or kegshod walking horse gaits and tractable disposition which once attracted so many newcomers to the breed.
Chance is considered Level 1 certified which is a 100% Heritage Walking Horse� The 100% Heritage Horses (or The pure Heritage Horse) must have all older bloodlines, with a minimum of four stallions and/or mares with pre-1950 registration numbers still showing on the registration certificate. Foals born of two Heritage parents will be eligible to be registered in this category regardless of how many numbers are still showing on the papers. These horses will have no modern show horses in the pedigree that were shown padded/stacked after 1976 and no Pride of Midnight.
It is becoming difficult to find horses that meet this criteria as almost all TWH’s today have modern breeding in their pedigree making it very difficult to breed to these standards. It is very uncommon to find an adult finished horse of these bloodlines for sale as they are highly prized by their owners for their wonderful disposition and easy gaits, something that is hard to find in the modern lines of TWHs.
Chance has had the opportunity to undergo several months of professional training in his life making him a pleasure to own and ride.
Chance is equally at home in both the ring and trail. He has been ridden in the gallery at field trials and isn’t bothered by dogs or gunfire. Field Trials really test the sensibility of well trained horses and he has amazed us through the these events. He gets along with other horses, tends to be in the middle of the herd pecking order and gives way to the more dominant horses. He is friendly and curious resulting in him being easy to catch from out of the field. He has always been well behaved for the farrier. He is an easy keeper on good quality grass hay and nutrena safe choice maintenance pelleted feed.
He is content to follow on the trail and will adjust his speed based on the other horses although he has a very long stride and even his flat foot walk is faster than many non-gaited horses. He has a wonderful lope and is easily moved up into it. Chance is a Gaiting machine, very strong and stocky boned. As can be seen in the video, he crosses even high water without concern. He has many miles on the trail as a husband horse and has no problems on rough trails where he needs to go over logs and through brush.
16.2h tall
Easy keeper
Trail Horse Deluxe
Beginner Safe
Has a solid foundation of skills from the rail to the trail
Trained through natural horsemanship techniques and has had liberty training as well.
Mounted Patrol Trained “Would excel in this trade”
Chance is a true gentlemen, looking for a forever home. Please call or text
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