Trystan Park/ Thea Park
Fort Collins, CO 80524


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Horse Details

Quarter Horse

Thea Park /Trysten Park

Fort Collins, CO






Snip, Star, Stripe, Flaxen mane and tail

Breakaway, Sorting, Jackpots, Mountain riding, Packing, Trail riding


Cayenne is a 7-year-old 14.2-hand Quarter gelding. Cayenne is one of the most versatile horses we have around the ranch! Standing at 14.2 hands, he is the perfect size for adults and kiddos!
Cayenne is as athletic as they come. He has a huge stop and a quick rollback and is light and easy on the mouth and highly responsive to your leg, making him one of the most fun horses to go to a sorting pen with, catch a cow, or run a barrel pattern.

Cayenne is well-versed in many different disciplines and excels at each one! Cayenne has been to multiple Ranch sortings and has 30 days of cutting training as well; with some more hauling, we have no doubt he will be a huge money earner in either event!
My sister has also been learning breakaway and taking him to the practices, which he has quickly picked up on and loves.

We have also used him for brandings, checking fences, being a helper around the ranch, roping and chasing cows, ETC.
We’ve even thrown some kiddos on him, and he cares for whoever is on him!

Cayenne has been trail-ridden extensively and is as close to bombproof as they come!! We have ridden him right next to the highways with semis and trailers going by, we’ve ridden him downtown at night with crazy crowds, music, and lights, and we’ve also taken him up into the mountains on rugged terrain and long trips, wherever this horse is. Whatever he is doing, he has a huge heart and a ton of determination.
Cayenne is great for the farrier and vet, will stand quietly at the trailer all day, eats and drinks on the road, and has absolutely no bite-buck-kick-rear, ETC.
He picks his feet without a problem and is easy to saddle and bridle! Watch his videos, and come try him out!

Trystan Park/ Thea Park
Fort Collins, CO 80524

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