Lloyd Deaton
McKee, Kentucky 40447


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Horse Details

Tennessee Walking Horse

Valley Mist Stables LLC

McKee, KY


Amber Champagne





Beginner Safe, Trail Experienced, Gaited, Work Cattle, GunFire, Parade, Gentle, Ride Bridleless, Easy to Handle, Carry the Flag, Neckrein, Show


Meet Casanova a 10 year old Amber Champagne Tennessee Walking Horse Gelding standing a stout 15.1 Hands Tall and built heavy enough to carry a larger rider through the trails with no issue. Casanova is the all around true reliable trail horse package he walks on a loose rein down the trails so you can enjoy the scenery trail riding, you can ride by himself around the farm or take him along with you camping on group trail rides. I believe anyone with the basic knowledge of riding a horse wouldn’t have a problem with trail riding Casanova, he has been used as a guest horse for riders along with being a personal trail mount to an elderly rider and his grandchildren. Casanova has a naturally smooth gait no special technique to ride him in his consistent smooth gait you just have to softly hold your reins and he knows what to do, he listens to all voice commands well and also works off of leg pressure with a simple nudge or “smooch” he will move out into a smooth running walk gait and with a simple “woah” he will stop instantly, he also has a smooth canter when asked of him! Casanova is a true gentleman he stands to be mounted from about anything like a mounting block, back of truck, picnic tables, stumps, & rocks and stands patiently until you ask him to move out for you. He absolutely loves attention from his human friends he’s the first to meet you out in pasture and while staying in a barn stall you just open the door and he’s there waiting on you to put his halter on, you can also muck his stall out while he’s in there with you he just wants a scratch in between working, Casanova has the sweetest personality you can’t help to fall in love with in a horse. Casanova has been shown at local horse fun shows along with being in a few County Christmas Parades, there’s not much this sweet boy hasn’t done but that’s one thing about him he’s always eager to go!
We have introduced Casanova to several new things since being with us and he has exceeded in every obstacle we have thrown his way, he’s a horse that takes to new things naturally and with confidence, Casanova is a non-spooky horse from turkeys flying up beside him in the hay fields while riding to school buses & ATVS meeting him on the country roads you don’t have to worry about him jumping out from under you he has always taken to new things like a perfect gentleman! We have also introduced Casanova to new things like shooting a gun from his back while squirrel hunting and carrying the American Flag. Casanova will make someone a lifetime trail partner he is a smooth gaited, sure footed trail horse deluxe that will pick his way through rocks going down a hill and when you come out to a cleared path you can give him a simple nudge or “smooch” & he will transition from a flatfoot walk to his smooth running walk gear Casanova is an absolute dream to trail ride he’s not pulling against the bit wanting to hurry & get back to camp he actually enjoys being out on the trails doing his job!
He will load and unload on a trailer or back off a slant load trailer. Casanova has been trained by a professional with natural horsemanship methods creating a human animal relationship with respect and trust from our horses! We have personally trail ridden Casanova several miles in trails and it doesn’t get too steep or rough he will cross or go anywhere you point his head without any hesitation crossing downed trees cut up, water, mud puddles, ditches & the rocky steep terrains that we have here in Southeastern Kentucky, while still being sure footed taking his time with every step completely trusting the rider to guide the way! Has been ridden along the country roads around our home where he has encountered farm equipment, other livestock running alongside the road (cows, horses, donkeys, & goats jumping around), dogs running out barking from all directions, loud vehicles passing & ATV’s. He is also well behaved getting a haircut, taking baths, tacking up, loading & unloading in a trailer and stands quietly for the farrier.
Of course, NO bad habits/vice we have ever seen out of him (rearing up, kicking, bucking, biting, barn weaving, cribbing or barn/buddy sour) These type of issues with horses never make it to our program! I can go on all day talking about this horse he’s a true gentleman that is definitely a once in a lifetime horse! We will have additional videos of Casanova posted in the coming days showing many of his talents! Call today and schedule to take Casanova out on a real trail ride with us here in Southeastern Kentucky we can leave directly from our farm and go directly into a section of the Daniel Boone National Forest!

Lloyd Deaton
McKee, Kentucky 40447

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