Calico Girls Comachee

Jade Hadfield
West Haven, Utah 84401


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Horse Details

Missouri Fox Trotter

Jade Hadfield

Ogden, UT







Star, Stripe on Bridge of nose.

Gaited, Trail, Endurance, Pleasure, Hunting


Cochise is a 12yo muscular 15.2 hands who has spent countless hours in the mountains. He is as tough as they come and will carry you through any terrain all day. If you’re looking for a partner to help you see more country, this is your guy. He is always willing to go and is easy to ride through downfall, rivers, rough terrain, and a flat trail. He will confidently go anywhere and do anything you ask of him by neck reining and responds to leg cues. He prefers to maintain a running walk ranging anywhere from 9mph to 11mph and will hold steady and smooth all day. A gentle squeeze is all it takes for the adventure to begin! He has been ridden around traffic, cows, dogs, farm equipment and is great around other horses, though he is not one to “buddy-up.” He has been ridden by himself and with other horses and does great either way. We’ve encountered buffalo, elk, deer, pheasants, grouse, hikers, bikers, and motorcycles on the trail, none of which phased him. Cochise loads in the trailer perfectly and calmly backs out. He is a very sure-footed horse and can fly up the trials. He crosses water and steps through puddles without hesitation. We’ve ridden him thousands of miles in the rugged Rocky Mountains and have yet to find a mountain he will not conquer. He climbs and descends mountains as smoothly as if going down a trail. You can also shoot a gun off of him or nearby without worry.
Cochise has been turned out with other horses and does well. He’s easy to catch, stands calm for grooming, and to be saddled. He is great to shoe and picks up all four feet. He has great hard all black feet accustomed to the Rocky Mountains. He has had his teeth floated annually along with vaccinations, a quarterly worming program, and has no health issues.

Winning Offer: $12,600.00

Jade Hadfield
West Haven, Utah 84401

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Bespil 06/06/2021 1:00 pm $12,600.00
TolmanFarm 06/06/2021 1:00 pm $12,400.00 Auto
TolmanFarm 06/03/2021 8:30 am $12,200.00
crigb9154 06/03/2021 8:07 am $12,000.00
TolmanFarm 06/03/2021 8:07 am $11,800.00 Auto
TolmanFarm 06/02/2021 8:22 am $9,200.00 Auto
crigb9154 06/02/2021 8:22 am $9,000.00
TolmanFarm 06/01/2021 4:30 am $6,900.00
crigb9154 05/26/2021 12:00 pm $6,700.00
TolmanFarm 05/26/2021 12:00 pm $6,500.00 Auto
TolmanFarm 05/26/2021 6:10 am $4,700.00
Mustangsally 05/19/2021 10:12 am $4,500.00
Sale Started 05/18/2021 6:14 pm

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