Consigner-David Carter
Todd Carpenter
Natchez, MS 39120


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Horse Details

Tennessee Walking Horse

Todd Carpenter

Natchez, MS






Solid Black

Trails, Kids, Obstacles, Cows, Arena, All-around


Get ready to have a new favorite horse in the barn! Cadillac can do it all, and he looks great doing it. Watch the videos and see for yourself. He is laid back and easy, from working with cows to giving lessons. Whether easy riding or blazing new trails, Cadillac easily goes through water, brush, ditches, and hills. Want to travel a little and visit shows and new places? He has been hauled to rodeos, play days, and other places in both stock trailers and enclosed trailers with slants. He steps off the trailer the same way he stepped on it laid back and ready to ride.
Want to have some fun, use him for archery, trick roping, laying down, or a list of other tricks and games he loves to play. Like to do groundwork? So does Cadillac. As you can see, he has immense ground training on both moving and static obstacles, which he can complete with relative ease.

Cadillac has completed our full training program. He has the best ground and saddle training you can find – from basic lunging, flexing, picking up his shoulders, moving off your legs, and desensitizing to the obstacle course. All of this has been reinforced by practical experience and many hours doing his job. He is an all-around winner.
Cadillac is 100% sound without issues, vices, or barn problems. He stands to be saddled, trimmed, bathed, fishing, whatever. Need a pond diving board, go right ahead. Cadillac has passed with flying colors our training and certification program and is proficient in all below and more:

• Establish direction
• Join Up
• Control speed
• Change directions

• Desensitize- Six areas
o string
o tarp
• Disengage hips
• Drive shoulders
• Lower head
• Back up
• Send in a circle
o disengage
o change directions
• Sidepass
o on fence
o off fence
o obstacles
• Wrap around drill
• Stand tied
• Headwork (ears, eyes, mouth)
• Tail work
• Obstacle course
o jumps
o tires
o tetter- totter
o phone poles
o ditch
o cowboy curtain
• Block to saddle
• Lateral flexion
• Farrier work
• Trailer loading
• Saddling
• Bridling
• Hobbling

• Stand to mount
• Bend laterally
• Disengage hips
• One-rein stops
o walk
o trot
o lope
• Cross over front
• Moving leg yields
• Serpentines
• Disengage and back
• Figure 8’s
• Disengage on fence
• Cloverleaf pattern
• Gait transitions
• Sidepass on fence
• Sidepass off fence
• Basic Trail Ride
• Advanced Trail Ride
• Vertical backing
• Draw to a stop
• Move shoulders
• Counter arc
• Sidepass obstacles
• Two-tracking
• Incline Backing
• Drive to a stop
• Water Crossing
• Advanced Ditch work

• Roping Dummy
o tracking
o roping
• Live Cattle
• Open and close gates
• Extreme Trail Ride
• Archery shooting
• Tomahawk throwing
• Swimming pond

Call David Carter with any questions about this wonderful horse.
About David Carter Horsemanship: David owns the Double C Ranch and founded David Carter Horsemanship. He has an immense background in public speaking and agriculture. He holds multiple degrees in agriculture, business, and education. A well-known master horseman and trainer, David has many titles, achievements, and honors confirming his abilities. These skills are displayed daily throughout the year, working on the ranch, at clinics, demonstrations, and during tours of the property. He has worked for over 16 years as a 4-H and county agent for Mississippi State University as well as the LSU AgCenter Extension Service.

Consigner-David Carter
Todd Carpenter
Natchez, MS 39120

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