Buddy love

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Bradley Howard
Owingsville, Ky 40360
(606) 310-3994


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Gaited Mule

Bradley Howard

Owingsville KY


Golden palomino





Gaited, trail, show


Let me tell you about my friend buddy love
Buddy is a 13-year-old Golden palomino john mule. Buddy’s not your average mule buddy is a WORLD CHAMPION. He’s been shown all over the world. Has several world titles under him. Buddy has been trail-ridden many, many miles. If you have a young horse or colt, you can tie them to the tail cropper, and buddy will teach them to lead. Buddy will park out every time you get on him or go to get off him. He will stand and not move till you ask when mounting and dismounting. Buddy is extremely easy to shoe. You can clip him without a twitch or anything. He will never move. Suppose you’re looking for a true gaited mule buddies the one for you. He can walk and shake so hard the bridle will almost come off. He’s a running walking Machine. Buddy has an outstanding 4 beat gait and will lope off like a quarter horse. Buddy is a forward-moving mule. He can cover a lot of ground if you ask him to. He hauls load, unloads, and backs out of the trailer. Buddy love will ride anywhere you ask him in the pack. He crosses creeks,water, bridges, logs, etc. we encourage everyone to come to give buddy a ride

Current offer: $7,700.00

Contact Seller For More Information
Bradley Howard
Owingsville, Ky 40360
(606) 310-3994

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Item condition: New

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Ending On: 04/18/2021 6:00 pm

Timezone: America/Chicago

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Larry Oswalt 04/09/2021 6:13 pm $7,700.00
gregkesler 04/09/2021 6:12 pm $7,500.00 Auto
Larry Oswalt 04/09/2021 6:12 pm $7,401.00
gregkesler 04/09/2021 4:29 pm $7,201.00
Larry Oswalt 04/09/2021 4:29 pm $7,001.00 Auto
gregkesler 04/09/2021 4:29 pm $7,000.00
Larry Oswalt 04/07/2021 2:13 pm $6,300.00
Billyboyhorses 04/07/2021 5:07 am $6,100.00
Larry Oswalt 04/07/2021 5:07 am $6,000.00 Auto
Larry Oswalt 04/07/2021 5:06 am $5,800.00 Auto
Billyboyhorses 04/07/2021 5:06 am $5,600.00
Larry Oswalt 04/06/2021 1:46 pm $5,001.00
Billyboyhorses 04/06/2021 1:46 pm $5,000.00 Auto
Billyboyhorses 04/05/2021 10:24 pm $4,800.00 Auto
hollygirl 04/05/2021 10:24 pm $4,600.00
Billyboyhorses 04/05/2021 10:18 pm $4,400.00 Auto
hollygirl 04/05/2021 10:18 pm $4,200.00
Billyboyhorses 04/05/2021 1:55 pm $4,000.00
Sale Started 04/05/2021 10:28 am

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