BSL Littlemans Rosie “Rosie”

TR Potts
Fountain Inn, SC 29644


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Horse Details


TR Potts

Fountain Inn, SC



Bay Roan





Trail Riding, Working Cattle, Ranch riding, English


Rosie is a 4 year old, bay roan mare, 15.1hh, AQHA cow horse bred. She has been at the trainers, Potts Performance Horses LLC, since December 2022 – present. Purpose was to get her conditioned, more miles, collection and all the fancy buttons. The Video link shows her walk, trot, lope, leads, back, simple lead change, catching, trailer loading, lunging, side pass, handling, and more. I have plenty more videos that also includes earlier training videos and when I hauled her to play with cows on 05/13. She is an all-around prospect. I’m in touch with her breeder that owns her dad and owned her mom, she was born in Texas and came to Carolinas as a yearling. Her sire is currently earning AQHA roping points in Texas. Her blood lines include famous lines from the 6666 Ranch in Texas, and other known names (on papers). She was started as a 2-year-old, and ridden at 2 years and 3 years of age. I purchased her from a well-known trainer in SC that is known for selling well rounded horses that exposes them to everything he can get his hands on. He has cattle on his property and is always hauling his horses (including Rosie to move and doctor the cows). His kids do high school rodeo, so Rosie has been hauled to those locations and has only been exposed to trotting the barrel pattern. He exposed Rosie to heavy equipment, cars, tarps, clippers, and many obstacles which is why she doesn’t react to these things. The previous owner started her on cattle, hauled her to different places, and rode her through trails and obstacles that included steep inclines/declines down into creeks. I haven’t noticed when she comes into heat, which has been great. She mostly has been in her own paddock, but when I did put her with my other 2 horses, she was super sweet with them, she played with my miniature horse and loved my older mare. My older mare was insecure with Rosie and kept charging Rosie, but Rosie never reacted to it, she’d simply step out of the way. She has an extremely sweet personality, easy to handle and be around. She is ready to go any direction, hard stuff is all done.

Winning Offer: $16,001.00

TR Potts
Fountain Inn, SC 29644

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Highest bidder was: Epneal

Name Time Offer Auto
Epneal 06/13/2023 6:00 pm $16,001.00
SarahCallovi 06/13/2023 6:00 pm $16,000.00 Auto
SarahCallovi 06/13/2023 5:59 pm $15,800.00
Epneal 06/13/2023 5:59 pm $15,600.00 Auto
Epneal 06/13/2023 5:54 pm $15,400.00
SarahCallovi 06/13/2023 4:56 pm $15,200.00
Epneal 06/13/2023 4:56 pm $15,000.00 Auto
Epneal 06/13/2023 4:38 pm $13,200.00 Auto
SarahCallovi 06/13/2023 4:38 pm $13,000.00
Epneal 06/13/2023 4:38 pm $12,200.00 Auto
SarahCallovi 06/13/2023 4:38 pm $12,000.00
Epneal 06/13/2023 4:38 pm $11,200.00 Auto
SarahCallovi 06/13/2023 4:38 pm $11,000.00
Epneal 06/13/2023 4:24 pm $9,100.00 Auto
sherrykovak5 06/13/2023 4:24 pm $8,900.00
Epneal 06/13/2023 1:08 pm $8,700.00 Auto
sherrykovak5 06/13/2023 1:08 pm $8,500.00
Epneal 06/13/2023 1:07 pm $8,200.00 Auto
sherrykovak5 06/13/2023 1:07 pm $8,000.00
Epneal 06/13/2023 1:06 pm $7,700.00 Auto
sherrykovak5 06/13/2023 1:06 pm $7,500.00
Epneal 06/13/2023 1:06 pm $7,200.00
sherrykovak5 06/13/2023 1:06 pm $7,000.00 Auto
sherrykovak5 06/13/2023 11:16 am $6,900.00
RoundEmUp 06/13/2023 11:14 am $6,700.00
sherrykovak5 06/13/2023 11:14 am $6,500.00 Auto
sherrykovak5 06/13/2023 10:50 am $6,300.00 Auto
RoundEmUp 06/13/2023 10:50 am $6,100.00
sherrykovak5 06/13/2023 9:26 am $5,900.00
hickory ridge 06/13/2023 7:57 am $5,700.00
sherrykovak5 06/13/2023 7:56 am $5,500.00 Auto
hickory ridge 06/13/2023 7:56 am $5,400.00
sherrykovak5 06/11/2023 4:15 pm $5,200.00
SarahCallovi 06/11/2023 4:15 pm $5,000.00 Auto
SarahCallovi 06/11/2023 4:14 pm $4,800.00 Auto
sherrykovak5 06/11/2023 4:14 pm $4,600.00
SarahCallovi 06/05/2023 7:05 pm $4,400.00
Angiebell777 06/05/2023 7:05 pm $4,200.00 Auto
Angiebell777 06/01/2023 2:27 pm $4,000.00
Sale Started 05/31/2023 7:17 pm
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