Robert & Shirley Walsh
Bay City, MI 48706


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Kentucky Mountain

Robert and Shirley Walsh

Bay City, MI







Smooth, Gaited, Trail


Brody is a great-natured and loving horse. He is naturally gaited and will canter when asked. He has the perfect “go” power and is content riding in a group’s front, middle, and rear. Brody moves confidently through the brush, creeks, soggy areas, gravel, and paved roads and willingly crosses big and small bridges. He happily ponies other horses. He is very non-confrontational, so he easily blends with unfamiliar horses. Brody has been ridden solo extensively by his former owner, a friend of ours. He is an easy keeper, stands great for the farrier, trailer-loads easily, etc. This summer, Brody was used as a demo horse by a trainer and proved to be about as bomb-proof as a horse can be, handling a cracking bullwhip, a modified leaf blower used on even the most sensitive areas of his body, and moved through the various obstacles willingly.

the “1” on a level of “1” to “5” on Brody’s right hind leg flexion test was very likely simply because he had a missing shoe. The missing shoe was noted later in the report. He’s not shown any sign of lameness. To try to have that clarified, we took Brody back to the (practice owner) vet, but he simply wrote the “suitable to ride” vet statement. He is not mutton withered, it was just the rigging the guy had on his own saddle because he rides mountains…Brody actually accepted it with zero issue, which is actually another plus!!

Winning Offer: $6,000.00

Robert & Shirley Walsh
Bay City, MI 48706

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Tabcat 10/30/2021 11:49 am $6,000.00 Auto
saddleup66 10/30/2021 11:49 am $5,800.00
Tabcat 10/30/2021 11:48 am $5,400.00 Auto
saddleup66 10/30/2021 11:48 am $5,200.00
Tabcat 10/29/2021 5:09 am $5,000.00
Lee Lee 10/29/2021 3:38 am $4,800.00
Strudgeon75 10/29/2021 3:23 am $4,600.00
saddleup66 10/29/2021 2:48 am $4,400.00
Debbiek 10/28/2021 4:31 am $4,200.00
JudyK 10/21/2021 8:52 am $4,000.00 Auto
Evie 10/21/2021 8:52 am $3,800.00
JudyK 10/21/2021 8:52 am $3,600.00 Auto
Evie 10/21/2021 8:52 am $3,400.00
JudyK 10/20/2021 5:55 am $3,200.00
Evie 10/19/2021 9:20 am $3,000.00
Sale Started 10/09/2021 11:59 pm

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