Bradley Howard
Strunk, Ky 42649


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Gypsy X

Bradley Howard

Strunk, KY






4 socks; Blaze

Driving, Mounted Shooting, Ranch Work, Penning-Sorting, English, Western


Breezy is a 15-hand high Gypsy cross mare. She is one SUPER cool horse. Breezy will walk all day long on a loose rein. She crosses logs, bridges, and large and small bodies of water. Breezy is a very laid-back horse. She has a mind that you can teach her anything with very little time. She is one of the smartest horses I have ever put a leg across. She lays down, backs, and slide stop side passes, all with or without a bridle. She is traffic-safe, dog-safe, and cattle-safe. I have hunted many miles off her, I’ve had dogs that will grab her by the tail while hunting, and she pays no attention to it what do ever. I have led up to 5 dogs at a time off of her with ZERO problems. You can also shoot off her. She takes both leads, will lope right above a walk, and has a BIG stop when asked for it. I have worked her a lot in and out of the stockyard, open and closed gates, and driven some pretty tuff cattle with her, on a 1-10 scale, breezy temperament is a 2 or 3 she’s super laid back and takes it all in. If you’re looking for something anyone can ride with ZERO problems, this is the one you want. She also drives as well.

Bradley Howard
Strunk, Ky 42649

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