Amy Robinson
Lancaster, KY 40444


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Kentucky Mountain

Rebranded Ranch LLC

Lancaster, KY






Snip, Whorl

Family Horse, Gaited, Water, Trails, Traffic Horse, Showing, Bareback Riding, Kid Friendly


Bosco is a 12 yr old KY Mountain gelding, standing 15 hands tall with a very stocky build. He’s a very affectionate guy and truly loves people. He’s well-minded and very eager to please. It’s rare to say, but Bosco is a true unicorn and worth his weight in gold. He’s a horse for the whole family to enjoy! We hate to see him go, but we must sell him to complete our new house and for personal reasons. He’s just a joy to have around. We have thoroughly enjoyed having him around and hate to see him go. If our circumstances were different, he’d never leave the farm.

Bosco is broke in every way and would suit almost any level rider. My twins, 8, had only ridden ponies out alone until Bosco. He’s a confidence booster, and he takes care of his rider. They get him out alone now and ride him bareback around the farm. Bareback with a halter or bridle. As they can’t get him saddled, they’re just too little. Bosco never ceases to amaze me! I really can’t put it into words and say just how special he is. I trust him wholeheartedly with my girls. If you knew me, you’d understand what kind of horse he is. I’ve had horses and ridden my entire life. But… I’m an overprotective mom. You will see my three girls and 4-year-old nephew interact with him throughout the video. As his auction progresses, I’ll post short videos of things we’ve missed.

We welcome you to come to try him out for the day! We have many trails and a creek conveniently located on our farm. We’d be happy to help you get to know Bosco better on a more personal note. Bosco has been the go-to guy since we’ve had him for our children and the neighborhood beginner children. He’s attended Birthday parties. He’s a been there done that guy. We’ve personally known this horse for eight years. We’ve camped overnight with Bosco; you’d never know he’s around. You won’t find a quieter horse on the picket line. Bosco has been trail-ridden extensively throughout Kentucky. Bosco is comfortable and familiar with dogs on the trails, Highway traffic, farm equipment, construction equipment, cattle, deer, wildlife, screaming children, barking dogs, and ATVs/motorcycles. When you need to pony a yearling across the pasture, he’s the guy you grab.

Bosco hadn’t been ridden in almost a year when we first got him; he will be the same horse every time you get him out, whether it’s been two days or a year. No gimmicks, tricks, or funny business to this guy whatsoever. He’s just an honest, in-your-pocket horse. Bosco is very calm-natured and laid back but not lazy. If you ask him to move out, he will. You prefer walking; he’ll walk all day too. We framed our house with air hoses, nail guns, saws running, and hammering. All the while, our three girls took turns riding Bosco single, double, and triple. I trusted him to take care of them, and I didn’t have to worry because he’s just that kind of horse. Even with his age, he could still be taught some cool tricks. He’s a very smart dude who responds well to learning new things. If preferred, Bosco will stand to mount from any object or a mounting block with no problems! He is exceptional in a crowd of horses, leading, middle, or back of the pack. He could care less where you put him. Bosco has a lovely head-shaking run-walk or will step on in gait and canters. No doubt this guy could go to a Saturday night horse show and win a blue in the County Pleasure class with that head-shaking run-walk.

Bosco gets along well with all the other horses in the pasture and is always easy to catch and the first ones to you. He loads and unloads with ease onto a trailer-with or without a ramp. Bosco’s ground manners are impeccable. Bosco is just a big teddy bear, and it doesn’t matter how small the child is leading him around. He’s very cautious and aware of his surroundings. I’ve honestly never owned a more well-minded, easy-going horse. He’s a true gentleman! Bosco will stand quietly UNTIED for grooming, bathing, and tacking up. He stands patiently for the farrier and clipping too!

Please Note: Buyer is solely responsible for pickup/transportation within TWO weeks of winning the bid, or a boarding fee will ensue. We are located in Lancaster, KY. 10% of the purchase price must be sent via cash app, Venmo, or PayPal as a deposit immediately following the end of the auction. Then the remaining balance must be paid by a certified check, cash, money order, or wire transfer within two business days.

Winning Offer: $7,100.00

Amy Robinson
Lancaster, KY 40444

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Item condition: New

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Highest bidder was: matt.trapp10

Name Time Offer Auto
matt.trapp10 10/02/2022 2:48 pm $7,100.00
Adonfarms 10/02/2022 2:48 pm $7,000.00 Auto
Adonfarms 10/02/2022 2:48 pm $6,900.00
matt.trapp10 10/02/2022 2:47 pm $6,700.00
Adonfarms 10/02/2022 2:47 pm $6,500.00 Auto
matt.trapp10 10/02/2022 2:47 pm $6,300.00
Adonfarms 10/02/2022 2:46 pm $6,100.00 Auto
matt.trapp10 10/02/2022 2:46 pm $5,900.00
Adonfarms 10/02/2022 2:46 pm $5,700.00
matt.trapp10 10/02/2022 2:45 pm $5,500.00
Adonfarms 10/02/2022 2:32 pm $5,300.00
matt.trapp10 09/28/2022 11:46 pm $5,100.00
[email protected] 09/28/2022 6:28 pm $4,900.00
matt.trapp10 09/28/2022 7:55 am $4,700.00
[email protected] 09/28/2022 7:54 am $4,500.00 Auto
matt.trapp10 09/28/2022 7:54 am $4,300.00
[email protected] 09/28/2022 7:54 am $4,100.00 Auto
matt.trapp10 09/28/2022 7:54 am $3,900.00
[email protected] 09/27/2022 4:29 pm $3,700.00
matt.trapp10 09/25/2022 7:10 pm $3,500.00
Sale Started 09/18/2022 7:15 pm
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