Rob Wallen
Trafalgar, IN 46181


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Horse Details

Spotted Saddle Horse

Rob Wallen

Trafalgar, IN


Tri Color




Four stockings

Gaited, Trail, Neck reins, Backs, Through gates while mounted, Roping, Kid Friendly


Boone is a tricolor spotted Saddlehorse that stands 15 hands tall on a keg shoe. He is ten years old. He has been ridden by children, men, and women of all ages. If you’re looking for that very experienced trail-riding horse for the whole family or just something to use around the ranch to push cattle around, he is Mr. handy dandy !! You don’t even have to tie him to saddle him; he will stand completely still and lower his head for you to put the bridle on and tacks up very easily. He is good for the farrier. Boone is easy to bathe and groom. He is always willing to go anywhere you point him and does it easily. He is very sure-footed on any type of land or even water. Boone gets along very well in a pack of horses; whether in the front, back, or middle, he always stays nice and calm. He will stand tied in cross ties, on a picket line, at the hitching post, or even at the trailer nice and calmly. You’ll never see him paw. He will unload and load with a confident but safe attitude. Stands while mounting and dismounting. When mounting on Boone, if you would like to use a mounting block, all you have to do is stand up on the mounting block. Snap your fingers, and he will move over for you to get on. he has excellent confirmation he is stoutly built. He is very docile, quiet, and calm. Boone is very dog-proof, which shows in the videos he is used to all kinds of livestock out on the farm. He is the total package. He is an extremely easy keeper, including a very neat stall. He rides through rough terrain calmly, crosses down timber easily, crosses through deep creeks, and crosses over the tops of bridges with no hesitation. This gelding is traffic and machinery safe- lawn mowers, weed eaters, flopping tarps, and opening and closing of gates; Not a problem for him. Boone can drag anything you can, Rope! He has seen many types of wildlife: deer, bobcats, geese, ducks, cattle, etc. If you need to pony other horses off of him, he neck reins perfectly one-handed with an easy response to leg pressure. He has a reverse to him, like backing a vehicle up. His lope is very nice and slow. If you leave him up for three days or three weeks, he is always the same — bicyclists and joggers don’t faze him if they are coming at or behind him; it doesn’t matter. He has been trail ridden in many states, including Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee. He is easily caught out of the pasture and gets along with other horses. He is very easy on the eyes, and everyone in the campground always notices he will make some lucky person the best friend they have always wanted.

Rob Wallen
Trafalgar, IN 46181

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