Trystan Park/ Thea Park
Fort Collins, CO 80524


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Thea and Trysten Park

Fort Collins, CO







Dapple Gray

Kid safe, Family Safe, Trail Riding, Pushing Cows, Bareback, Leadline, Broodmare



Pebbles is an extremely cute (and Registered) AQHA mare!
Pebbles is 14.3H, super stocky, has good feet and straight legs, and is super kind. We have all of her history from when she was born to the present!
Bred and raised here, we still own her sire. Pebbles makes an excellent broodmare and is an amazing mom; on top of that, She is very broke and has been used for a young 4-year-old boy to ride up in the mountains (see video)!
She has also taught some lessons, and my boys ride her alone!
She has also been to town and is great around traffic, trains, dogs, bikes, etc!! We have even taken her on night rides right along the road!
You can leave pebbles off for months, bring her in, and hop on bareback without an issue!
Pebbles is extremely chill and easy to teach as well as very smart! She catches on to things quickly and could go in any direction you ask of her. She will push a herd of cows, rope or drag one, and then come in and teach an English lesson to a young kiddo.
It’s hard to find one this safe and chill with incredible papers and adorable! 💝


Trystan Park/ Thea Park
Fort Collins, CO 80524

Sold Post Auction For $6,800.00

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Item condition: New

Auction expired without reaching reserve price

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Auction expired without reaching reserve price

Highest bidder was: Kjancik

Name Time Offer Auto
Kjancik 12/20/2023 4:11 pm $6,800.00
Gatewayhorses 12/20/2023 4:11 pm $6,600.00 Auto
Gatewayhorses 12/20/2023 4:10 pm $6,400.00
Kjancik 12/20/2023 4:03 pm $6,200.00
TMarie70 12/20/2023 4:03 pm $6,000.00 Auto
TMarie70 12/20/2023 3:43 pm $5,800.00 Auto
Kjancik 12/20/2023 3:43 pm $5,600.00
TMarie70 12/20/2023 3:09 pm $5,400.00
karen20 12/19/2023 6:58 pm $5,200.00
Kjancik 12/19/2023 5:34 pm $5,000.00
karen20 12/19/2023 4:56 pm $4,800.00
Kjancik 12/18/2023 1:58 pm $4,600.00
karen20 12/18/2023 1:58 pm $4,500.00 Auto
karen20 12/18/2023 1:24 pm $4,400.00 Auto
Kjancik 12/18/2023 1:24 pm $4,200.00
karen20 12/15/2023 9:13 pm $4,000.00
Sale Started 12/06/2023 7:23 pm
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