Blueberry Pie

Madisen Kiernan
Wellington, CO 80549


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Horse Details

Falabella Cross

Madison Kiernan

Wellington, CO


Blue Roan





Kid proof, cows, trail riding, play day rodeo, carriage driving


Blueberry is one of the cutest, safest little things you’ll ever see. She is a perfect little horse for any young little cowgirl or boy to learn on. With absolutely no bad habits and color to boot, she’s ready to hit the local gymkhana’s, help on the ranch, ride into town and play in your backyard.
Blueberry has received the beginning training to become a therapy horse and has also done everything from flag work to cart training. Teens and adults alike can also have fun with her as she is a blast to drive around in her cart!
How many miniatures do you see pushing cows these days? Well, check, she’s done that too!
This little thing has no fear, loves kids, and has a willingness to work. She’s been around all kinds of other livestock, dogs and cats, traffics, loud noises or every kind, bright colors… NOTHING phases this little slice of pie. She is sound, never once had any issues. She has solid feet and is great for the farrier. Apart from her wonderful personality and training, she is also absolutely beautiful to look at, sporting a true (no brown) blue roan coat with a heavy, flowing mane and tail. She would make quite the looker in the show ring and has done well in local rodeo events for kids. Her refined stature is hard to not fall in love with, but if that’s not convincing, she’s very eager to meet new potential families to call her own.


Madisen Kiernan
Wellington, CO 80549

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