Lloyd Deaton
McKee, KY 40447


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Horse Details

Tennessee Walking Horse

Valley Mist Stables

McKee KY


Dapple Buckskin




Dappled, Blaze, Hind Stockings, Frosted Mane/Tail

All Around, Beginner Safe, In Your Pocket, Natural Horsemanship Training, Ridden Bridleless/Bareback


Meet Blaze, a Dappled Buckskin Tennessee Walking Horse Gelding standing a stout 16 Hands Tall and built similar to a draft cross horse. He is coming eight years old on May 8th, 2022. Blaze was born on a farm neighboring us & due to sudden life changes with the family, they had to find a new home for him & contacted us to find him a more than wonderful home! Blaze has been trained and handled since birth with natural horsemanship methods. His previous home was at a Ranch where they had youth programs working with horses. Blaze has been trained with flexing & working off leg pressure and a training method called Liberty, where you build a strong bond with your horse working on the ground. Blaze is one of the most intelligent horses we have had the pleasure of working with. We have introduced him to several new things, and he takes to them so naturally, like carrying the flag, tarps being flapped all around him, being ridden with no saddle or bridle & gunfire!
Blaze is a true trail horse deluxe; he will go anywhere you point his head. He has been used to cut through new trails. Blaze a smooth gaited sure-footed trail horse deluxe he will pick his way through rocks going down a hill & when you come out to a cleared path, you can give him a simple nudge or “smooch,” & he will transition from a flatfoot walk to his smooth running walk gear, Blaze is an absolute dream to trail ride he’s not pulling against the bit wanting to hurry & get back to camp he enjoys being out on the trails doing his job! Blaze has the best of ground manners. He loves to be petted on, groomed, treats & being loved on. Blaze is the first one to meet you out in pasture & he’s low on the pecking order. He will meet you at the door & put his head in the halter. Blaze stands perfectly still to be mounted from the ground or a mounting block. He will load & unload on a trailer or back off a slant load trailer with a ramp. Blaze is an all-around horse that would work best for about any level of confident rider with basic knowledge & experience riding a taller horse. He’s really just a gentle giant! Blaze is up to date with current vaccines (5-way + West Nile, Strangles, & Rabies) & Deworming. We can go on all day talking about this horse. He’s honestly a rare find & a true gentleman, but that’s just talk; wait till you’re actually out on a trail ride with him. He’s definitely a once-in-a-lifetime horse! Call today & come take him out on a real trail ride with us here in Southeastern Kentucky!

Lloyd Deaton
McKee, KY 40447

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