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Horse Details

Tennessee Walking Horse

W2 Horses

Walden, CO


Black Tobiano




Snip, Stockings, Tobiano

Gentle, Trail, Gunfire, Tricks, Gaited, BRIDELESS, Neck rein, Lope


STUNNING, SWEET, and SPECIAL! You are guaranteed to fall in love with Blackjack, and we are certain he is the one you have been looking for! Blackjack is a 4-year-old, black tobiano, Tennessee Walking Horse gelding standing 15.3. He is a fun, loving horse with the kindest eyes and gentlest disposition. He is absolutely beautiful and has an excellent bone with great, solid feet – wearing a #3 shoe on his front feet and #2 on his back.

Blackjack has proven how great he is over and over again in every aspect of his training. We have been fortunate to have Blackjack with us for two years, and he has been a pleasure to have in our family. In everything you ask of him, he does it willingly and takes all things new in stride without getting excited. Blackjack is very trusting, placing all his trust in you as his companion on and off the trail. He loves attention, neck scratches, and being brushed and petted. All of these are some of his favorite things.

Blackjack is the whole package. He is an exceptional, easy-going FINISHED TRAIL HORSE. He has seen all kinds of terrain and traveled from the Southeast to the plains of Montana and the mountains of Wyoming and Colorado. He has been my personal trusted mount on the continental divide in the Zirkel Wilderness (12,000 feet). He is a patient boy and will go anywhere you ask him. He takes his time. He’s slow and careful in rough terrain and will not get you hurt. He will look to you for guidance and follow your lead if ever unsure. Blackjack is very steady and sure-footed. He will travel through thick sagebrush or through down timber confidently. He is great with dogs, water, bridges, bullwhips, wildlife, cattle, flags, ponying other horses, and opening/closing gates. Blackjack is EXCEPTIONAL with gunfire on or off his back and will never flinch. He is great with swinging a rope and dragging. He loads in the trailer without issue and backs out calmly. He is trained to use hobbles but will stand in the trailer alone without them quietly for hours. Blackjack gets along great with other horses. His sweet soul normally finds himself toward the low end of the pecking order. He is QUIET and patient at feeding time and has absolutely no bad habits.

Blackjack has been trained professionally and correctly. Hours and hours have been spent with Blackjack, teaching him to be SOFT and SUPPLE, flexing, bending, picking up his shoulder, and yielding his hindquarters. He will lunge in both directions, come to you when called, and follow you around like a puppy. Blackjack is soft and easy with all of his cues. He responds to gentle pressure with your legs and neck reins one-handed and will pick up both leads when asked to lope. Blackjack is so soft and gentle; he can be ridden BAREBACK and BRIDLELESS anywhere, not just in the arena. He will even turn with the soft touch of your hand on the side of his neck. He has a very smooth gait and smooth transitions into and out of a lope. He side passes, backs with the gentle motion of your legs, and will stop abruptly when you say woah and place your legs out in front of you. He can be ridden with a simple O-ring snaffle or small shank bit on a loose rein or collected. Blackjack will stand like a GENTLEMAN for mounting; he will even side pass up to the mounting block to make getting on and off easy. He will LAY DOWN on command from the ground or saddle and ride double. He can safely ride out alone or with a large group of horses. He will ride out front and lead if you ask but doesn’t mind lagging behind in the back if you let him.

Blackjack is the definition of EASY GOING and one of the most PATIENT geldings we have ever owned. His soft, gentle demeanor is undefinable. He is easy to catch, leads on a loose line, is soft in the face, and respects your space. He stands patiently for grooming and saddling. He will drop his head with gentle pressure on his poll and takes the bridle gently.

Blackjack does not have a mean bone in his body. He truly wants to please and be your friend. With his calm demeanor and willingness to please, he is sure to get along with anyone. We would love for you to come to meet Blackjack in person and take him for a ride. We take great pride in our horses and only offer them available when we have taught them everything they need to know to set them up for success for the rest of their lives. We are so excited to help Blackjack find his forever home and companion. We cannot wait to see the joy he will bring to their life.

W2 Horses has two locations, Marion Junction, Alabama, and our summer camp – 1 hour outside of WALDEN, COLORADO, in the mountains. Blackjack is currently located near Walden, CO, and will be for the duration of the auction. Once the auction has ended, the buyer will have the option for us to aid in transportation back East if needed. We will be leaving and heading back East within a few days of the auction ending. If the buyer would like to use a transporter from Walden to a new destination, we ask that you have transportation arrangements in place before the end of the auction. Currently, our location is VERY remote, and the cellular service is LIMITED. When calling for more information, please leave a message with your contact info if we happen to miss your call.

We REQUIRE the buyer to be accessible to Paypal or Venmo to place a $2000 deposit immediately following the end of the auction (No Exceptions! Please find a friend or family member to aid in the deposit if not Paypal or Venmo accessible. Paypal deposits must be sent via friends and family, or fees will apply to the remaining balance due). We require the remaining balance to be wire transferred before the close of the following business day, central time. By bidding, you agree and are bound to these terms and conditions. Thank you, and we look forward to pairing you with the horse of a lifetime!

Laura & Winston Way
Marion Junction, AL 36759

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