Bear Creek Bleau Maverick (Maverick)

Cody Martin
Lancaster, Ky 40444


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Horse Details

Tennessee Walking Horse

Cody Martin

Lancaster, KY



Blue Roan




4 stockings

Trail Riding, Gaited, Pushing Cattle, Field Trial Prospect, Neck Rein, Show


Maverick is a 5-year-old registered TWH gelding. He stands 15’3hh. This is a ONE-OF-A-KIND horse here. He’s got a head full of sense & he’s always eager to please. He’s an exceptionally nice trail mount. He’s been all over the states riding. He’s been to South Dakota, Tennessee, & several other places. This guy has been ridden in parades, up the mountains, down the mountains, train robbery, fun shows, across the creeks, the logs, around farm equipment, cows, dogs & much more. He stands well for the farrier & to be tacked up. He will stand for mounting & dismounting as he should. Not only is he easy on the eyes, but he’s also super easy to get along with. He’s in the process of being taught to lie down and sit up. He’s been taking well to that for the past month. He’s a quick learner. He will step up on rocks, ledges, or whatever you want him to do for all those cool pictures everyone wants. He’s your “husband’s safe horse.” I’ve had intermediate beginners who have been on him, and they’ve had no issues with getting along with him, but that being said, I wouldn’t put someone on him that doesn’t know about gaited horses. He’s by no means a dead-headed horse. However, he will walk on a loose rein when asked or pick up into a little racking gear. He’s a naturally gaited horse and is super smooth. He will neck rein some. He’s been ridden without the bridle through the trails and done well. I can’t honestly say enough good things about him. Out of all the horses we’ve owned, he’s been by far a favorite and one of the best around the farm. He’s been a farm favorite here. He’s one with your puppy dog personality & loves all your attention. I’ve ridden my four-year-old son on him about every time he’s been ridden, and he’s taken care of the both of us every time. He loads and unloads as he should & hauls with ease. He will ride wherever you want. I’m in the crowds. He’s hauled the deer out for us this season, a doe & a buck. The first time I had to have him help to haul it out. The second time packing the buck, I didn’t need him but wanted to show he will haul those critters you harvest out for you. I’ve had him in a roping pen with the steers. He’s had the rope thrown from him, and I’m by no means a roper. He has done well but is not a heading or heeling horse. But with work, he’d be even better at that with someone who knows about it more than I do. He isn’t afraid of the steers or the atmosphere of the roping pen. He’s just your all-around type of horse to enjoy and is one of those that are fun to have around.

Cody Martin
Lancaster, Ky 40444

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