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Horse Details

Tennessee Walking Horse

Raul Pineda

Palmdale, CA






Blaze face, gray roan

Ground ties, parks out, stands to mount/dismount, backs up, neck reins, 4 beat gait, lopes, canters, traffic safe, good with gunshots, dogs, quads, etc.


Atlas is an 11-year-old Grade Tennessee Walking Horse Gelding standing 15.3 hands on a flat trail shoe. This big, gorgeous, gray horse is super smooth, stylish, fancy & moves beautifully. He carries his head high, picks his feet up off the ground, shakes, walks, and moves with style and poise. He has a super smooth 4-beat gait, a splendid lope, and has a beautiful rocking chair canter. Atlas is a reliable, sure-footed Rockstar with good common sense and plenty of experience out on the trail. He goes anywhere you point him, is easy to handle, not spooky, rides anywhere (front, back, middle, or alone). He neck reins and will go any speed you want without any hesitation or problems. He is a little “forward” but also easy to control and handle at any speed. He has a soft mouth and responds to very light input. We ride him with just a straight Weaver Tom Thumb Snaffle bit (model 25-5130) with 6 ½” cheeks, and he does great. Want him to walk at a nice leisurely, head-shaking pace? No problem! Want him to move out and pick up the pace? Just gather up the reins and ask him to go, and he’ll willingly break into a super smooth 4-beat gait, lope, or canter on demand! He’s always ready to go and aims to please. This big, strong boy has the size, build, power, and finesse to carry just about any size rider with style, safety, grace and comfort all day long. He has the motor, energy, stamina, and fitness to easily handle all-day rides (20+ miles) and multi-day camping trips. He’s been on numerous overnight camping trips and does well on a stakeout or Highline. Out on the trail, he handles tight, narrow, technical trails without hesitation, goes up & down steep hills and inclines like a breeze, and handles all kinds of obstacles with ease. He crosses logs, water, mud, rocks, ditches, mounds, railroad tracks, paved roads, driveways, overpasses, underpasses, pallets, mattress (yes, even mattresses), or just about anything else you put in front of him without hesitation. He’s traffic safe and good with dogs, quads, gunshots, tunnels, tarps, flags, etc. He is a smart, submissive, trainable, and cooperative horse who genuinely tries to please and will do just about anything you ask once he understands what you want. He stands stationary for grooming, tacking/untacking, and bathing. Just touch any leg, and he automatically picks up his foot on his own and holds it for cleaning (see video) and is good with the Farrier. He ground ties, parks out & stands to mount/dismount on both sides. He easily loads and unloads in any trailer. Atlas is suitable for any rider, advanced beginner or better. He may snort and breathe heavily when a strange person crowds his space on the ground however he is not mean & doesn’t act stupid. He is friendly, easy to catch, and will come to you on his own (once he becomes familiar with you). He has a healthy appetite and is not a picky eater, so it’s easy to put weight on and keep weight on him. He is easy to board, doesn’t have any bad habits, isn’t buddy or barn sour, and gets along well with other horses and animals. He has new shoes on all fours, doesn’t have any notable scars, and is up to date on his Coggins, shots, & vet exam.

Located in Palmdale, CA 93550 (1 hour north of Los Angeles off the 14 Freeway). He is available for viewing & inspection by appointment.

For inquiries, questions, information, or appointments, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


***PLEASE WATCH HIS VIDEO – it is long (over 30 minutes), but we included the following Table of Contents at the beginning so you can fast-forward to the specific sections that interest you most or on his YouTube video posting, click on “Show More,” scroll to the Video Table of Contents at the bottom & click on any “Start” time & the hyperlink will take you straight to that section of his video ***

Video Table of Contents

Start Description
00:00 – Intro pic, description & Video Table of Contents
01:17 – Standing pics & videos (front, left, right & rear)
02:47 – Park out, stand to mount both sides, ground tie
03:39 – Riding & Movement Videos – Various speeds
05:59 – Ground tie, gunfire walk around, stand to mount & mounted gunfire
07:57 – Catch loose in pen & put on a halter (easy to catch – approaches on his own)
08:34 – Stands stationary for brushing
09:10 – Stands stationary for cleaning hooves with hoof pick (picks up & holds feet on his own)
10:31 – New shoes on all 4’s
10:35 – Stands stationary for tacking – saddle pad, saddle & bridle
13:25 – Groundwork – Lunging on a lead rope – clockwise, counter-clockwise, changing directions
14:56 – Groundwork – Lunging on a lead rope – carrying a blue tarp
15:30 – Groundwork – Lunging on a lead rope – stopping, approaches on his own, follows on a loose lead
16:18 – Groundwork – Calmly stands stationary while waving a plastic bag on a stick
17:20 – Groundwork – Calmly stands stationary for neck stretching/flexing right & left
17:55 – Groundwork – backing up
18:28 – Stands stationary with quad circling & closely follows quad while riding
19:41 – Stands stationary with dog walking underneath & around
19:56 – Stands stationary for mounting + backing up
21:25 – Riding across water, mud, logs, wooden pallets & mattresses
23:58 – Calmly stands stationary for dismounting & mounting using mounting steps
24:29 – Riding thru a (dark, narrow, scary) tunnel underneath a (busy & noisy) freeway
25:56 – Riding down a steep descent & trail riding
27:23 – Trailer loading & unloading (small trailer & LQ trailer)
28:27 – Stands stationary for untacking – bridle, saddle & saddle pad
29:50 – Bath stall, calmly loading, unloading & standing while being rinsed off with a hose
33:17 – Contact info for questions or information


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