Alen’s Boys Knight Out (Journey)


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Horse Details

Spotted Saddle Horse

Penrose, CO



Buckskin Tobiano




Tobiano, Solid Head, Four White Stockings, Black Mane & Tail

Gaited, Trail


Journey is an 11-year-old, 15.3hh, registered Spotted Saddle Horse gelding with a stout build. He is the steady eddy I grab from the pasture when I need a solid, level-minded ride. He would best fit a rider with a skill level of advanced beginner or up. Intelligent and willing with the right partner, he will take advantage of a beginner rider; he’s not a deadhead.

He is traffic safe, bike & ATV safe, loves to have attention and head scratches, has a solid stature, and can easily carry a heavyweight rider (for reference, in the videos, I am 5’11” and 180lbs) and his beautiful markings will get you noticed on the trail.

Journey will move out at the rider’s speed preference. He will walk nicely on a loose rein and prefers a leisurely speed and a casual-paced trail ride to speed gaiting down the trail all day. He has a big stride, so he likes to avoid being stuck behind other non-gaited horses in a group.

He can go all day and will go over or through anything you ask. Solid and reliable, very responsive to rider cues and voice commands. He will cross all water depths, ditches, and logs and navigate rough and rocky areas. He is a confident horse on the trails and will lead the crew, head out alone or follow behind without any issues. Will stand nicely so that you’re able to mount from absolutely anything.

Journey is my main man when it comes to having a friend that needs a loaner horse to ride; I can count on him to keep a cool and collected mind when different riders ask for different cues. He’s extremely forgiving and understands the difference between an actual rider asking versus random movement on his back. He has a calm demeanor and is engaged with the task at hand. He has been shared with my 60-year-old mother for the last two years (she is an advanced beginner rider).

He’s an expert camper in remote locations with electric fences and designated campgrounds with portable or permanent corrals. Has been hauled all over Colorado, Arizona, and South Dakota, and we just came back from a weeklong trip to Utah.

He loves having a job and will ride anywhere in the line, lead, middle, or end. He will leave the barn without issue. He is not barn sour or buddy sour. He is an in-your-pocket type of boy, always the first to meet you at the gate. Journey can leave a group in the middle of the ride and come back to it without missing a beat. He is the horse I go on to scout the trail, swing around, and pick up stragglers that have fallen behind.

Trailers perfectly loads himself and unloads respectfully. He is used to a trailer with an attached ramp and a lifted trailer with a large step up/down.

He’s used to living around a farm and is familiar with cows, equipment, dogs, donkeys, and miniature horses. Not spooky, adjusts well to varied environments.

Is used to seeing a variety of wildlife: elk, deer, turkey, snakes, fox, darty rabbits, and free-range cows.
Stands like a gentleman for both farrier and vet. Stands cross-tied for farrier was taken barefoot in September and is currently being ridden in Scoot Boots.

Ponies other horses with ease (he’s the horse I teach other horses to pony from), can be ponied from another horse, an ATV, an electric club car, and the back of a vehicle. Has carried my niece in a buddy saddle without complaint.

Crosses bridges and water. Can ride in large groups, small groups, or alone. I love to ride alone, so he has lots and lots of experience with this. He has been ridden in groups with ATVs and large groups with trail clearing with my local BCH Chapter. I can clear trail with a handsaw while mounted. If you drop the reins, he patiently waits to be told to move on from the job at hand.

Easy keeper, requires no special care. No lameness or health issues.

Has always had his tack and saddles professionally fit.

Microchipped, UTD on vaccines, worming, and Coggin’s teeth were floated in August 2021.

If you’re looking for a no-maintenance required horse, an easy keeper with good ground and saddle manners, and a safe and easy ride, Journey is your guy! For any questions, please feel free to reach out to me, Amanda.


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