Dustyn Jackson
Laporte, Colorado 80535


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Kentucky mountain

Dustyn Jackson

Fort Collins, CO







Roping, ranching, trails, endurance, trail challenge, courses


10 yr old 15.3 hands Kentucky mountain grade mare. Merlot is amazing on the trails as seen in videos. She goes where asked thru rivers tunnels bridges along with traffic nothing phases her. Any level rider can ride her she will walk all day or get up in her gaits and stay there for you. She is one of the most sure-footed mares I’ve ridden in the big rocks and steep slopes here in the rocky mountains. She handles high elevation well as I’ve had her up to 11,000 ft elevation. She will give you an honest workday for 10 hours 6 days a week gathering and pushing cows in the mountains. She handles ranch work well does great on the roping and sorting side as well. She will get right up and push on a cow if needed. She circles out nicely and really can cover some ground on her. She is used to our northern bogs and down timber as well as our low plains-type terrain. We haul 7 to 10 heads at a time in an open stock trailer up the mountain to work. She’s the perfect lady in the trailer. She gets along with mixed herd well. She is not high in the pecking order she sits low but will stay out of trouble and behaves well in the pasture. She is one of the nicest horses to shoe as she stands like a statue for you. Your farrier will appreciate you with her! She neck reins very nicely and rides off of her leg n seat. Or a beginner can plow rein her it doesn’t bother her. She has been barefoot and done well everywhere but we ride in a lot of quartz so I put fronts on everything. She is a true babysitter and takes care of even the smallest riders. The horse is gentle and honest, will ride off alone or in a group lead or follow. I’ve ridden her all over the east Ohio n west Virginia and Texas as well as here in northern Colorado. Feel free to call id gladly answer any questions and am more than happy to set up a visit with her. Also, you can leave her off all winter she is the same horse in the spring. Thank you all for your interest!

Winning Offer: $9,502.00

Dustyn Jackson
Laporte, Colorado 80535

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Sasiitwo 08/15/2021 5:06 pm $9,502.00
Deer Fields 08/15/2021 5:06 pm $9,302.00
Sasiitwo 08/15/2021 5:05 pm $9,102.00
Deer Fields 08/15/2021 5:05 pm $9,000.00 Auto
Deer Fields 08/15/2021 5:03 pm $8,901.00
Sasiitwo 08/15/2021 5:03 pm $8,701.00
Deer Fields 08/15/2021 5:02 pm $8,501.00
Sasiitwo 08/15/2021 5:02 pm $8,500.00 Auto
Sasiitwo 08/15/2021 5:00 pm $8,301.00
Deer Fields 08/15/2021 5:00 pm $8,101.00
Sasiitwo 08/15/2021 5:00 pm $8,100.00 Auto
Sasiitwo 08/15/2021 4:59 pm $7,900.00 Auto
Deer Fields 08/15/2021 4:59 pm $7,700.00
Sasiitwo 08/15/2021 4:58 pm $7,500.00 Auto
Deer Fields 08/15/2021 4:58 pm $7,300.00
Sasiitwo 08/15/2021 4:54 pm $7,100.00
Deer Fields 08/15/2021 4:50 pm $6,900.00
dwohllaib 08/15/2021 4:49 pm $6,700.00
BruceMEvans5 08/15/2021 4:41 pm $6,500.00
dwohllaib 08/15/2021 4:11 pm $6,300.00
BruceMEvans5 08/15/2021 2:57 pm $6,100.00
dwohllaib 08/15/2021 8:51 am $5,900.00
Shell H 08/15/2021 8:51 am $5,800.00 Auto
Shell H 08/14/2021 11:06 pm $5,600.00
dwohllaib 08/14/2021 10:28 am $5,400.00
BruceMEvans5 08/11/2021 9:29 pm $5,200.00
Shell H 08/11/2021 9:15 pm $5,000.00 Auto
BruceMEvans5 08/11/2021 9:15 pm $4,800.00
Shell H 08/11/2021 9:15 pm $4,400.00 Auto
BruceMEvans5 08/11/2021 9:15 pm $4,200.00
Shell H 08/06/2021 5:04 pm $4,000.00
Sale Started 08/02/2021 8:44 pm
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