Dakota’s Magical Sunrise

Tonnie Casey
Many, LA 71449


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Missouri Fox Trotter

Tonnie Casey

Leesville, LA



Liver Chestnut




Star, Snip, Dappled

Trail horse, lesson horse, bareback riding, obstacle courses, beginner safe, husband safe


Dakota’s Magical Sunrise is a stout, handsome 15.1 hand chestnut son of Southern Sunrise. He was foaled in Missouri at Steven’s Ranch in 2006, leaving the Ranch with his dam to a new home. He has traveled around the US from Missouri, Arkansas, Arizona and he now resides in Louisiana. While in Arizona, he was exposed to the basic Parelli Seven Games. He was trail-ridden extensively with and without other trail companions in Arizona and has been an outstanding riding horse in Louisiana.

He negotiates obstacles with ease, crosses water, loads with no fuss, is a gentleman for the farrier. He loves people, he’s easy to catch, he’s always the first one to the gate. He comes right to you, and responds to his name when you call him. He has no issues with barking dogs, cows, deer, goats, sheep, pigs, guinea fowl or chickens. He doesn’t react to fireworks although he does watch the displays with interest.

He loves the water,  you might wonder what he’s doing in the video, he wants to play, he has to be encouraged to get out, although he’s a willing partner.  He now helps beginners with riding lessons and can go happily with an intermediate rider and further with an expert rider.

Enjoy the videos showing this exceptional horse calmly working in a variety of scenarios. As you can see in the videos, he will move out for any rider. A lovely lady asked him to do an extended trot, not very normal for a gaited horse, but you can see him move out. He is shown with a variety of riders, from young to old, in a saddle or bareback. He has a very comfortable back!

 Dakota lives well as both a solitary horse or in a herd. He stands calmly without restraint to have any horse blanket or sheet put on out in a pasture when the weather demands a coat. If you have any questions or would like to request a special video or come visit Dakota, please contact me anytime. Thanks so much for looking!

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Tonnie Casey
Many, LA 71449

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James McCaskill 08/22/2021 11:04 am $3,600.00
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Angel1williams 08/22/2021 10:59 am $3,000.00
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Angel1williams 08/07/2021 7:52 am $2,200.00
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[email protected] 08/03/2021 10:10 am $2,000.00
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